“What I Personally Used To Master Salesmanship, Copywriting & Direct Response Marketing… Quickly And Without Hassle… So I Could Print $$$’s w/ Ease!

No fluff. No bullshit. Straight to the point. In and out. Like a bank job.

Salesmanship – 3 Best Resources 

1. How To Win Friends & Influence People 

You need to know how people work. How they operate. How they think. What makes them tick. I used this book to learn that. Biggest takeaway I had: “You can’t make people do anything unless they want to do it.” 

2. Cards For Persuasion

I’m not a “natural” salesman. I sucked at selling face-to-face. Too awkward. Too shy. Too nervous. Whatever. 

I needed to change that. Fast. 

So I “brainwashed” myself until I started thinking and speaking like a closer. How? I got these cards. Memorized one new card a day for 6 months. Then started all over again. And again. And again (I’m a big fan of repetition). I do this to this day (takes a few minutes). 

The end result? 

I can now close anybody who’s closeable. A hot girl to a high value CEO. Doesn’t matter. My close rate is higher than my aunt’s blood pressure. And my bank account is proof. 

3. Straight Line Persuasion (Course) 

Truth be told, I thought this course was overhyped. Nothing “revolutionary” but I watched it over and over again to study how Jordan Belfort used “tonality” to sell. This paid dividends. 

Note: He recently released the book version of this course. I bought it. But you can’t learn tonality by reading a book. You need to watch the course to “get it”. Screw the book. 

Copywriting – 3 Best Resources

1. Cashvertising 

Everybody and their momma talks about this book. And for good reason. It basically “summarizes” every great “copywriting” book and puts it into one. So you can either read 10 or just read this one. Your choice. 

2. Boron Letters and/or Adweek Copy Handbook 

Boron Letters didn’t teach me much about copywriting. But taught me a lot about storytelling. And helped form the foundation of how I write copy today. 

Some people love the Boron Letters. Other people hate them (idk why). 

The people who dislike the Boron Letters usually end up loving the Adweek Copy Handbook, so maybe check that out instead. I’ve studied both. And have em painted with highlights. 

3. Swiped.co 

You can’t learn copywriting by reading books. So read to understand the fundamentals and start writing + reviewing great ads to see why they work. 

Use swiped.co to review great ads. 

I’ve handwritten every ad on that website from the world’s best copywriters, at least twice. 

And honestly? Doing this is good. But it’s not the holy grail. It teaches you structure. Very important. But to master copy, you have to write your own shit. And get feedback (I recommend selling shit you don’t use on Craigslist to hone what you learn. Then use the money to sell shit via FB). 

Direct Response Marketing – 3 Best Resources 

1. The Gary Halbert Letters 

Pure gold.

Read em. Reread em. Until the words soak into your arteries and change the way you play the game. (I think you can read em for free on the website now – but I’m not sure. I personally had the PDF version)

2. Cards For Persuasion  

Already mentioned this under the sales section. But these cards improved my direct response skills as much as they boosted my salesmanship abilities. Why? Same principles. If you can close face-to-face, you can close anywhere (especially online). 

3. Psychological Studies

Nobody talks about this. But direct response is really just about sprinkling crack in front of crack addicts to get their attention and then leading them to a big ol’ pile of crack so they buy.  

To do this, you need to know how people work. I’ve read more psychology books than a psychology major. No bullshit. 

And I try to read one new psychology/behavioral economics study a day (to continue my education of human nature – the most important education of all). 

My favorite textbook is probably “The Social Animal” by Elliot Aronson. 

Read it if ya want. 

That’s it. Use the above. Go through it often. Repetition is key. Put it into action. If you do, it’s impossible to not make at least $10k in 6 months. Tell your son’s son this.

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