Netflixing to Do BETTER Marketing

All of my marketing & content ideas for March came from watching 3 movies and reading this 1 book

You have probably heard a lot about

How “Netflix is a waste of time”… bla bla bla …

But here’s what they didn’t tell you

If you are a marketer selling a product or service

Watching Netflix can actually give you some very useful, practical insight into consumer psychology (which will help you get more sales / clients )

But don’t just watch for entertainment

Make it more productive by taking notes (most important thing, don’t be dependent on your peanut size 2GB memory to recall everything)

– Study emotions & how they are communicating

– Note latest pop-culture & reference in your marketing

– Deconstruct how they keep users addicted (suspense, curiosity, open loops, hooks…)

– And apply all this to your business

You will also get tons of intriguing ideas about your subject lines/ headlines / hooks / stories / marketing angles / persuasion techniques / hidden psychology ( primal desires) 

Just watch & read with your 3rd eye & 6th sense open.

Watch psychological thrillers / true stories / autobiographies / latest Trending Series

I will reveal the names in a bit but

If you’re serious about doing better marketing, you’ve got to be Netflixing & Kindling

Don’t be a bum

Anyone who says Netflixing is waste of time, imho they probably have lower IQ than sloths & turkeys (just wanted to make this post more valuable by increasing your GK lol )

In last few days, I watched 3 movies depicting real missions carried out by world’s best secret agency US navy seal

1) The Sniper
2) Lone Survivor
3) The Wall

& read Mossads ( Greatest missions of Israeli secret service )

And my notebook is full of

  • Ideas (like sniper vs machine gun) 
  • Content (like keeping bulls eye on your TH, how to do audience profiling/ customer Avatar) ,
  • Subject lines (juzu formula for sinzu money)
  • Hooks & Big ideas ( this takes like weeks for people & for lucky bastards like us sometimes 90 odd minutes from a movie) 
  • Stories

Last year, I started working with one financial domain client ( stock market specifically) & binge watched Inside Job, The Big short, Too big to fail …got enough arsenal for the marketing warfare to win it BIG for both of us.

Bottom line – Netflixing & Kindling is great research tool if you keep your 3rd eye & 6th sense open.


Time to switch on my big screen & watch “Thank you for smoking”. 

If you also watch it someday, note down all the great persuasion techniques Nick Taylor uses as tobacco lobbyist while being cool role model for his 12 yr old son.

You will learn how to spin a product the right way & convince people that it’s actually good for them …so yes “Thank you for smoking” is highly recommended for marketers who want to “Do BETTER Marketing”.

I saw it on Hotstar premium ( trailer below) 

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    1. Thanks, Meenak. Just trying to share behind the scenes of different things I experiment with. Bored of everyone talking the same stone-age tips & tricks. Its getting busy & noisy this might help few young minds think in different ways. PLUS You are doing a classy and SaaSy job. Enjoying 🙂

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