Use ‘FASCINATINOS’ (most Imp copywriting trick) to hypnotise your buyers and follow you like a dog following meat truck

Wake up and smell the copy ☕

I wish I had done it from day 1 to up my copywriting game (especially point 2 – FASCINATIONS)

“Create a solid swipe file”

And organize it like this:


✅sales bullets (read through to get ex’s &100+ list resources).

✅call to action

✅email openings

✅full landing pages

✅email subject lines

✅Offers that worked

Most people would know all of above except ‘sales bullet’ also called ‘FASCINATIONS’

Sprinkle these fascinations across sales page/email/ad copy and see conversions soaring


✔️The Real Reason people choose to buy anything — the secret truth long known by master salesmen, sociologists and ‘con men’ finally revealed!

✔️How to learn about medical discoveries before your doctor.

✔️ The 10 easiest markets ‘rookie’ copywriters can tap for maximum profit with minimum risk!”2 more ex from Ben settle’s desk

✔️ How to ‘flip’ prospect objections into sales using emails (if your list is full of sceptics

✔️How to use jokes to ‘prime’ people on your list so they buy from your email

❌ Don’t know how to write great sales bullets?

I will try to make it easy -peasy so you can master fascinations in next 28 days (it might sound little boring but remember I said easy not fun).

1) Collect / Find list of 100+ bullets (I know you lazy people won’t even do this now and keep it for some other time only to forget about it so let do the dirty but imp job for you Look at the bottom of article shared in comment section, for hot bullets)

2) Handwrite each bullet in a sticky note or if you use a notebook write 1 bullet in 1 page

3) Keep reading it for next 28 days, atleast once every day I know you wont do this boring exercise but reading alone won’t help. Write.

And then write more. So your call now…either learn one of the most important copywriting skill or continue to live a life of mediocrity. With all due respect, there’s a reason why English grammar teachers are not hired for writing ‘marketing copy’

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