The recording of Gary Halbert’s Direct Marketing Secrets Seminar.(Must WATCH)

Rather than tell you about Gary Halbert (who, by the way, was a legend in his own time…according to him…and just about everyone else who knew him) I’m going to excerpt from one of his many newsletters. That should give you a good start.

“Pay careful attention. The ability to write ads and/or letters that sell is by far the most wonderful money-making skill you could ever hope to acquire. If you master this skill you should never again have to worry about money. The ability to write copy that brings in orders on a profitable basis is as rare as hen’s teeth. And, if you can do it, I mean really do it, you can virtually write your own ticket.”

     ” Take me, for example. I turn down at least 9 out of 10 people who want to work with me, and my office currently has standing orders for enough work to keep me and my staff busy non-stop for the next two years. I can earn my living virtually anywhere as long as I can get my hands on a piece of paper and a ball point pen or a pencil or a crayon. I can do my thing on a boat, in a prison cell, in a submarine and probably, even on the moon. If I chose to work a regular 40-hour week, I’d probably earn at least 10 to 15 million dollars a year. I do not choose to work that hard. I spend far more hours on my boat than I do at my desk (I don’t even have one anymore — I usually work at my kitchen table) and yet, it would be upsetting to me if I had a month where I earned less than $100,000.00.”

— this is an excerpt from the REAL Art of Writing Copy issue. You can get the full issue, for free by CLICKING HERE

Although Gary has passed, he is survived by his two sons, Kevin and Bond, who keep his business and publications alive. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to Gary for passing on his expertise and knowledge to us…and to his sons for making it available.

If you want my personal list of three of my favorite issues of his newsletters, ask for it in comments and I will share.

Enjoy and profit.

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