Spending money to show off a 2-star review & what is “Exclusion Copy”

It’s time to turn 2* into 5* ( my email dated 27/04/2021)
I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook when this post caught my eye.


My initial reaction was “Wait, why in their right mind are they spending money to show off a shitty review?”

But when I read the copy – it made sense.

They brilliantly used a 2-star review to catch my eye.

And then smoothly transitioned into positioning a ‘negative’ part of their product as their unique selling point.

And here’s my reply to that question, can it backfire? 

You see, the review talked about how their product wasn’t great value for money.

It was expensive.

But here’s the thing.

This company was trying to target people who were willing to pay a higher price for quality.

To do that, they boasted that yes, their product was in fact more expensive than their competitors…

But it was only because they sourced the absolute best ingredients possible for their coffee.

Sure, this may have turned off some people.

But this company wasn’t bothered about them.

People who were looking for the absolute lowest price possible weren’t their target audience.

So while they may have alienated a huge chunk of people…

They also made their offer that much more attractive to their ideal prospects.

This not only increases the number of clicks on their ad…

But it also improves the QUALITY of clicks and sends more qualified buyers to their product page…

Which almost certainly results in more sales for their coffee.

So If you come to Kolkata and I tell you, you can get best *your fav desert* ( that’s your fav desert right? or you just lied to me when me met online on my landing page? )

Alright, I will put a lie detector there tonight lol

Coming back to the point

You won’t have the BEST  because it’s expensive?

Anyways, I wanted to tell you few more things

This sort of copy is called ‘exclusion copy’ and it’s super compelling as you can see from the results of this campaign.

Widely used by many restaurants & bars to turn their 2 start reviews as ad ( sometimes by printing t-shirts and giving it to their fans 

I will hopefully get some time this week to write a detailed article on “exclusion copy” with as many examples I can gather. 

Now here’s something you can do

If you’ve exhausted all your great 5 star reviews and want to mix it up a little…

Go ahead and find a 2-star review that can work in your favour!

Hope this gave you an idea for your next campaign.

Do BETTER Marketing

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