Six Simple Ways To Start Any Sales Message (with examples)

1) Start by making a primary promise of transformation – or one that triggers the right emotional response. 


Dear reader,
By the time you’re done reading this short letter. You’d have made a minimum of $10,000…if only you follow the simple instructions below: 

2) Start by telling an interesting story 


On a cold stormy night in December 2020, Barack Obama made a phone call to Paris 

3) Start by saying something that goes against the norm or status quo 


Harvard business is a big-big brainwashing machine that makes you pay for your own brainwashing. 

4) Start by saying something that majority of your target market already agrees with 

Example ( Ad targeting religious people) 

A fool says in his heart – there’s no God

5) Start by revealing a new discovery, the results of which holds life changing benefits for you prospect 


I used to trade stocks a lot- but I didn’t made huge PROFITS until I was given a 25-page insider-document by an investment manager at JP Morgan

6) Start by asking a question that piques their interest 


Dear reader,
Have you ever wondered how your woman rates your sexual prowess when she’s with her friends?

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