Long vs Short Copy – Let’s End The Debate

I think it was Gary Halbert who said:

If God took away your nagging wife and told you the only way you could get a better lover was:

1. Receive letters from 10 different women.

2. Pick a lover based on how each woman describes herself in her letter

Now, here’s the question:

Which woman would win your heart?

The one who gives a vivid description of the kind of woman you’ve been dying to date?

Or the one who says:

“Hi, I’m Jassi, I’d love to be your wife”

The room burst into laughter.

Vintage Gary

But as always, his point was solid

That is:

When you’re writing Copy;

Hitting the *nail on the head helps

But avoid needless limitations that hurt sales

A real prospect is hungry for detailed information

If that means writing 10,000 words of copy to connect with your reader and get the sale


Then write 10,000 words!

Your job as a copywriter is to write just enough copy to sell the product.

Not one word more. Not one word less.

But how many words is enough?

How many pages?

How do you know how much copy you need to write?

The answer is in the product (and also on consumer’s awareness level).

  • Highly priced products will need more words to sell because you want to show your consumers the immense value of the product. Lower-priced items can mean less copy to write.
  • For products which fall into “highly emotional purchase” bracket, you’ll write more copy. Think of a diamond wedding ring you want to buy for your spouse.
  • If you’re selling a product that people don’t really need to buy but may want and you want to create a desire to own it, a longer copy can be required. Think of relationship guides to get back lost love or self-help coaching programs, exercise equipments to workout at home, health products promising fat burn etc.
  • If you’re selling a product that consumers aren’t familiar with, a longer copy may be required.
  • If you’re selling a product directly from one web page or through a letter in the mail, the copy will usually be longer.

The hardest (but most rewarding) thing is holding attention — long enough to get what you want.

And a final one to answer this Question- “Who reads such a long copy?”

Answer – BUYERS 🙂 

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