How to make few lakhs ( & even millions ) with your phone screenshots every month

Pick a madly-in-demand skill, and start learning today.

There are many of them:

Copywriting ( #1 skill in marketing) web designing, graphics design, SEO, FB ads, etc.

Learn and practice everyday and put up your progress online ( many people don’t do this)

Engage people and do some free jobs.

If you are someone with experience, do a free job for big brand/celebrity.

With that you are growing skin, and some credibility.

Let the jobs be full of quality, and ask for reviews and recommendations. 

Keep a screenshot of these reviews somewhere safe. 

Keep doing free jobs and getting reviews. Keep ’em safe.

Keep the screenshots safe!

Massively engage people. Be fearless and direct. Make it clear that this is what you do. Put up your works and share with people.

Once in a while put up a screenshot of any of the reviews, and hype yourself and how far you have come.

You must hype yourself. YOU MUST HYPE YOURSELF!


You chose to do what many people fear to do, and it shows you are courageous and focused.

Infact, tell people of this goal.

Let me give you a secret:

Human beings are emotional and social beings.

Some people will…

… naturally encourage and push you. Yes, good people exist in this planet. 

Some may even patronise you just so as to help you reach your goal.

But keep in mind that you are not doing this to gain pity. You are doing this to gain credibility.

By second month, start taking jobs for a fee. This is where you pull out some screenshots.

Others have said amazing things about your work. So you have some cred!

Be direct and clear about your charges, with your screenshots.

Learning Copywriting can help you get more strangers easily say YES to your services.

Deliver quality, and ask for more reviews…

As the months go by, get more jobs, increase your charges. Get more screenshots 

Now you have solid skill.

Now you got some experience

Now you got some street credibility.

Now you got a trailer load of reviews and happy fans singing your song.

You can now diversify…

You can teach others what you know, at a fee of course.

Get them screaming ‘halleluyah’ in your class and get their ‘halleluyah chants,’ I mean reviews.

With each progress, consciously increase your fees, and your clients. Begin to seek premium clients who know what…

… you are worth it. Heck you got skill, experience and street cred. You’re a ‘m’f*cking’ guerilla.

If done right, premium clients will shoot your career to a whole new level.

If you can get the job done for a premium client, and get their review, YOU JUST HIT PAYDAY!

Can we do some maths to see if this works?

Okay, I wasn’t bad at math in school, so let’s do this:

Say you choose to learn web design.

In your first month, you learn with mad focus. You forget your girlfriend, Netflix, and gossip, and spend your living day practicing and…

… honing this skill.

Let me repeat again- YOU FORGET YOUR GIRLFRIEND!

Now you may or may not get a job this month, but let’s say you get two jobs of 20k each.

That’s 40k, right?

Hey, don’t be discouraged. Never despise the days of little beginnings oh ye of little faith.

By the second month, you’ve got some teeth sunk in the game. You get 4 jobs that pay 50k each.

That’s 200k by the second month.

Okay, you’re getting excited and now you take it up like a beast.

With your GROWING skill, GROWING street cred, and your ABSENT girlfriend…Wait, were…

… you thinking of bringing her in now? 

Not yet, you f**l!!

Okay, I’m just kidding. My point is stay focused. If she helps you do that, keep her close!

With your growing skill, cred and confidence, you can take up more jobs and charge higher fees.

By third month, you get 6 jobs that pay you 50k each= 300k

More skill, more cred, more customers.

By fourth month, you take up jobs for 100k.

Don’t look at me that way, people charge 150k to design ecommerce sites. 

So you take up 5 jobs= 500k

By the fifth month…

You repeat the cycle

4 jobs, 200k each = 800k

Month 6, 4 jobs 200k each= 800k.

Sum up:

Month 1= 40k   (poverty)

Month 2= 200k (Able God)

Month 3= 300k (showers of blessing)

Month 4= 500k (Everywhere green)

Month 5= 800k (More money)

Month 6= 800k (More Victory)

Sum it all up:

40+ 200+ 300 + 500 + 800 + 800

Total = 2.64 million 

In 6 months, that skill brought you 2.64.

What was your target? 1 million.

How much did you hit? 2.6 million!

Is it possible? Yes!

What will it take?

1. Focus. You gotta know it’s a goal a journey

2. Belief. If you don’t believe you can do it, just stay broke and don’t try.

But I know you’ve got it in you.

3. Confidence. See, the business world is not for chickens. Heck, life itself can bitch with you.

You have to come out fearless, and unfuck your mind.

Never let the toilet opinions of lazy ass, no-do-wells, who are being fed by mum and dad,

And sit in their miserable homes and miserable states trying to pull you down or your effort.

They will still be the ones to ask you to ‘show them love’ in 6 months time.

Never give a fuck about them or their toilet opinion.

4. Be consistent. Don’t be a sporadic shooter. Be a deliberate lion.

5. Collaborate. Identify people like you and connect with them.

6. Be encouraged. It may be hard at first. But you will get traction.

7. Pray. Yeah, why not if it works for you, I just meditate

but in conjunction with deliberate efforts.

In the end you will have a story to tell.

Your customers are waiting for you. Would you rather start now to prepare for them?

Start now. Yes. Now. Today. Like now. I said now, get out of my website and go do it now!

Got any questions? Shoot in comments.

Have you decided on a skill? Which one?

Do you have a goal, yet? Let’s hear it.

Half of 2020 is holding money that belongs to you!

Make her pay crazy!

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