How to avoid promotions tab and land in inbox

‘Promotions’ tab has cost businesses billions of dollars in losses.

(Read & Implement this tip)

Just landing in the primary box can 4X your revenue.

But how do you fool the smart google algos & avoid the “dreaded promotions tab”

Whether you have a sequence for your ecom store or write emails for your client’s lists

Here’s 1 tip ( There are 7 non-technical things you need to do actually but this one alone is incredibly powerful)

NEVER send an email without test sending to your test accounts

You should ideally have multiple “testing” accounts made in Gmail. (Min 2)

Always, always, always send your emails to those accounts before sending them to the entire list.

They are free to make so you might as well have them.

On some test accounts, interact with the email (open, click, etc.), on other test accounts don’t open any email at all.

The non-openers are the real test. If you can get out of the promotions tab there, you’re golden.

Test your way out & record each trigger in a spreadsheet. (Very important)

Do this & you will always have high open rates & more profits.


Practice ‘open loops’ in your email so the user waits for your next email.

Open-loop example – At the end, most TV shows will give a trailer of what drama will unfold next

For ex: Watch out for tomorrow email: “How to fool (literally fool) Sunder Pitchai in giving you $5 for every $1 you spend on Google ads. “

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