For Anyone Who’s Ever Wondered… “What If I’m Not Good Enough to Be a Copywriter?”

But traffic is courtship, Conversion is marriage Imagine having complete strangers reaching out for their shiny credit card after reading your words

People who have never met you and probably never will.

Imagine such a stranger being from the other side of the world. A different country.

That is the power of the internet.

That is the power of copywriting.

Use it.
(But now you are thinking, "Amar, I know all this happening but how do I learn the magic of selling through words?")

Well you have few options
1) You have lots of time but no money, pick this.

Read some books, watch YT videos, read blogs, successful sales letters by great direct response copywriters like Gary Halbert and pray that you can also hit it out of the park soon.

It works for some people who can commit to reading every day & ruthlessly implementing everything over a period of time. Chances of success? little less and also suddenly its 2022 and you are stuck in the same place.

2) If you have less time but LOTS of money

Fast-track your learning by joining one of those fantastic BUT expensive courses charging over $1500 and go through videos. Unless you have a very very strong desire, chances are videos will stay dead in your hard drive.

I had invested in some of these and still keep investing in anything that's promising... latest one being the upcoming CopyAccelerator program ( online 2.5-day event - $1450/ per person )

*Copy Accelerator Lite membership costs $15,000.00 a year…

And at last

3) If you have 7 days to learn ( 1 hr every day) and little money... You are determined to do the hard work of completing all tasks ( sometimes boring but immensely helpful)

Join Copy Brewing batch 7 ( 100% LIVE training + All the material )

10+ hrs of LIVE training

2hr Q&A +

Exclusive 1 to 1 consulting (2hr with each participant) - I sell my consulting at 5k/hr so this alone is worth 10K

Do you want some proofs that it REALLY works, like you can actually update your linkedin profile as "kickass copywriter whose words attract money as meat attracts dogs"

( We had copywriting professionals in our previous batches who learnt tons of things and are already recommending friends in their network & I swear I never asked for a reference, do I say more)

What are the few important things you will learn

Focus areas:
Sales letter + Email (series) - this is still a great niche & skill
Paid ads (FB, Google, Quora) - same media budget 10X conversions
Organic posts (Quora, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn) - not likes & comments but sales ( in a subtle way)
Landing pages copy - traffic is courtship, Conversion is marriage 😉
Creative copy (including video sales letter ( VSL ), Webinar copy, short videos series copy to use in stories
How to find interesting stories or use our own to build trust and sell more
How to use different psychology and words for people in different stages of funnels

My hand will start bleeding if I write everything you will get

So if you have any specific Q, WhatsApp me at 9163233906

Special BONUS Get my proposal letters/messages for approaching a new client
My copywriting book with 2500+ greatest headlines & 30+ templates (selling like Michael Jackson's album for Rs 500 currently)
My personal swipe file (will be yours) with great resources ( this alone is golden & worth millions in my eyes at least )
Pdf of all great copywriting books like ca$hvertising and 3 others
Email subject lines and 1000+ emails that brought trillions in past ( so we can get inspiration and write our sequences )
Cold outreach frameworks for approaching high-ticket clients through emails or DM's ( including LinkedIn sales navigator)
Lifelong membership and access to all my future "brewing copy" copywriting class

Whatever else you need to learn and succeed. I will try to arrange it for you

Because my mentor once told me and it got tattooed in my brain

"Don't try to earn money, try to earn people"

Just check your calendar if you are available on these dates & time

Dates: 28 Feb - 6th March. 9:00-10:00 PM.

Q&A session of 2 hrs on 7th March 7-9 PM.

and understand that there are no quick hacks newbies keep chasing

Join group 7 ( and 7 is considered a magical number in marketing & psychology - google it )

But join only if you are willing to do donkey's work after learning all that's taught.

Like pick up a random object around you ( maybe your laptop or phone, some water bottle and write an ad for it

No excuses, you don't complete the task = You will be removed from the batch. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Yes, don't just expect quick copy suggestions & tips.

You got to do the tasks & live a life only a few can imagine.

Now don't imagine yourself making 6 figures selling your own info products sitting next to a beach sipping chilled beer ( Though I do have plans to help you do just that)

Let's change the rest of 2021 & beyond with more sales & more CA$H

See you inside "Brewing Copy" magical group 7

and even if you decide not to sail with m