Change in the headline (alone) can boost your sales by 30000%

You can boost sales by simply changing the headline or your book title

Examples from E Julius Haldeman’s “The First 100 Million”

Notice the difference in number of copies sold before/after

“Fleece Of Gold” – 6,000 Copies“

The Quest For A Blonde Mistress” – 50,000 Copies

“None Beneath The King” – 6,000 Copies

“None Beneath the King Shall Enjoy This Woman” – 34,000 Copies

“The King Enjoys Himself” – 8k Copies

“The Lustful King Enjoys Himself” – 38,000 Copies

“Pen, Pencil And Poison” – 5k Copies

“The Story Of A Notorious Criminal” – 15,800 copies

“Casanova” – 8,000 Copies

“Casanova – History’s Greatest Lover” – 22,000 Copies sold

This is why..The World’s greatest Copywriters spend 90% of their “writing efforts” on the headline aloneI

I think it was Ogilvy who said 5x as many people buy after reading just the headline.

One of the best sources for getting headline inspiration look at old cosmopolitan mag cover or follow “national enquirer” mag (google their cover pages )

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