The What, Why & How of “BIG IDEA” for Your Marketing

Why do most marketing campaigns fail?



Remember There’s no greater S.I.N in marketing than not having a BIG IDEA.

Look at this headline:”How to lower your blood pressure without drugs”

That’s an ordinary ideaIt’s a promise your prospect has heard again & again & again

Nothing new to be excited about.Think of how to come up with big ideas that feel new and different to your prospect.

Here’s an example of how to come up with your BIG IDEA?

There was a client who wanted a package on CANCER. The package would sell an information report.

For that report, he wanted one BIG idea — not a bunch of small ones.

So, the A-list writer he hired set to researching, looking high and low for something that would work as the Big Idea.

What he found first is that oxygen is very beneficial against cancer.

And while that was interesting, it didn’t make him want to tell anyone about it.
Instead of giving up and continuing to search for other ideas, he looked for a connection.

He asked himself, “Who has used oxygen as a cancer therapy?”

He also asked, “What therapies are other countries using that aren’t available in the U.S.?”

Those questions led him to uncover the fact that, unknown to most people, Ronald Reagan underwent cancer treatment WHILE serving as President of the United States.

That certainly would have been front-page news if it had not been hushed up at the time.

AND Ronald Reagan went to Germany for treatment — turning his back on American therapies.

By following the chain of connections — oxygen therapy to Ronald Reagan to Germany — the writer came up with a Big Idea he knew would resonate both for his client and his target audience.

😍 The Big Idea: People in the know go outside of the U.S. for cancer treatment — this has been kept quiet by the media — and you need to know about it.

And his winning headline 😊: President Ronald Reagan’s Secret Victory Over Cancer.

So maybe for blood pressure example cited above, you can use something like this (do your research) 

GROUND BREAKING DISCOVERY: “How A Secret Indian Recipe made a 50-year-old hypertensive man lower his blood pressure in just 90 days…Made him feel 10 years younger…And 5 times stronger in bed”



“The BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY secret for lowering blood pressure instantly …( recently uncovered documents reveal a powerful protein extract which is being used by the royals to….)

A BIG idea must offer
– A major benefit
– Appeal to a single emotion
– Tell a story
– Nudge the reader to perform a single action

According to AWAI ( American Writers & Artists Institute) which has produced 1000’s of 7-8 figure copywriters

These 3 elements are the most important to get success in marketing…
💥Big idea = 30%
💥Headline = 25% ( derived from BIG idea not “your creativity” or “your head”)
💥Lead = 25%
😊Everything else = 20%

A solid big idea has to be:

  • Fresh 
  • Captivating 
  • Interesting
  • Emotionally stimulating
  • Easy to understand
  • Urgent & 
  • Unique

Also…Don’t be afraid to use big ideas that seem crazy

Crazy >>> boring

But most important is it has to be TIMELY (or timeless)

A BIG idea relevant in March 20′ when the pandemic hit, is probably no longer a big idea

Every big idea has a life span.

It helps to always pay attention to your market and change your big idea once it’s selling, it’s power begins to diminish.

Even great copywriters like Gary Bencivenga and Todd Brown have said this many times.

Agora comes up with a new BIG idea but if required they’ll wait 5 months to promote it.

Because the idea will thrive more in that season (time frame)

 More Examples of 🎯 Big Idea

 Example 1:

In this first example, the big idea is aimed at readers concerned with their health:


How the French Live Longer Than Everyone Else …Even though they eat like kings and smoke like chimneys!


This headline offers to answer a riddle that has puzzled the reader for many years: why the French—who eat cheese, meat, and rich sauces—stay so thin. There’s another riddle the reader just discovered as well: why the French—who smoke like chimneys—outlive everyone else!Implicit here is a promise that will appeal to almost anyone: You can eat like the French eat … and lose weight … and live longer.

Example 2:

This next example is a big idea that would interest avid golfers:


Want to slash strokes from your game almost overnight?Amazing Secret Discovered ByOne-Legged Golfer Adds 50 YardsTo Your Drives, Eliminates Hooks and Slices …And Can Slash Up To 10 Strokes From Your GameAlmost Overnight!


The idea that there’s a secret discovered by a one-legged golfer is exciting. It implies that if the reader has two legs, he’ll have an even greater advantage. Plus, the promise that this secret could add 50 yards to his drives and slash up to 10 strokes from his game is both VERY important and beneficial.The reader can’t help but come to the conclusion that he needs this secret.It took me a while to understand this….. But it’s been a valuable lesson


🎲 The most critical part of great Copywriting is “great research” 

It is also the most overlooked aspect.

If you liked this article and want me to write another one on  ” How to come up with your BIG IDEA” with an exhaustive list of ways you can do research for finding your BIG IDEA, please leave a comment. 

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