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Zomato Is Forgetting 4 Basic Principles Of Advertising. Bonus - Replacement Ad Creative - The #ClickToCash Guy of Digital Marketing- Amar krishna Jha

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zomato bad ad

Zomato Is Forgetting 4 Basic Principles Of Advertising. Bonus – Replacement Ad Creative

I spotted this ad on my facebook wall and everybody ( well mostly) ripped it left and right and rightly so. Some also think it’s clever and blah blah …

For someone like me who is falling deeper in love with marketing every day, this ad fails on many basic principles of advertising and is in bad taste and hence in the end of this article I have suggested them a replacement ad 🙂

1) SALESMANSHIP test [The only purpose of advertising is to make sales. ]

One of the basic principles of advertising is passing it through “SALESMANSHIP” test. If you think a salesman won’t do/say something don’t try to do that through your advertising.

Measure everything by salesmen’s standards, not by amusement standards will not make you do wrong things.

Ads are not written to entertain. 

When they do, those entertainment seekers are little likely to be the people whom you want. That is one of the greatest advertising faults.

And with social media and its powers of taking things by storm, several Ad-writers abandon their parts. They forget many a time they are the salesman and try to be performers. Instead of seeking sales they seek applause.

Forgetting, the Advertising team is not different from the sales team.

The difference is only in degree. Advertising is multiplied salesmanship. It may appeal to thousands while the salesman talks to one.

So while a salesman’s mistake may cost little, an advertisers mistake may cost a lakh times that much which is what I guess will happen with Zomato here.

Be more cautious, more exacting, therefore.

A mediocre salesman may affect a small part of your trade. Mediocre advertising affects all of your trade. And This was way below mediocre right there at the bottom.

2) HEADLINE test

The purpose of a headline is to pick out people you can interest.

Entire return on ad depends on attracting right sort of readers and that’s done through headlines.

And you have done a great job by grabbing the attention of everyone with this and many other interesting headlines but this one, in particular, lacks in taste given the times we live in. You have stretched your creativity a bit too far.


Advertising messages should not be eccentric. Don’t treat your subject lightly. Don’t lessen respect for yourself or your article by any attempt at frivolity. People do not patronize a clown.

There are two things about which men should not joke. One is business, One is home.

An eccentric content may do you serious damage. One may gain attention by wearing a fool’s cap. But he would ruin his selling prospects.

Then again a content which is eccentric or unique takes attention from your subject. You cannot afford to do that. Your main appeal lies in core-message. Over-shadow that and you kill it.

Don’t, to gain general and useless attention, sacrifice the attention that you want.


You advertise on porn sites because somebody had already done it like 5 years back and were great returns is all good and fine but don’t bring these foul languages in our culture.

You got to make it better for our women? Treat them with more respect. Is that too much to ask?

You have and you still can do good business being one of the early entrants into this space.

here’s one quick suggestion with bad design skills & image. 

new zomato ad suggestion +amarkrishnajha

I can go on and on but this wasn’t planned and I have to write my own ads, get the creative done, plan the distribution for one of the workshops on “Make & Market Videos Through Smartphone

Ending notes: 

I personally had a very bad experience while ordering through Zomato a year back. At around 3pm ( that’s after 3 hrs past placing order & multiple calls) I was informed they can not deliver. With hungry guests at home and kids waiting for food to arrive it was really a bad day. I still had the app on my phone but not anymore unless they fix their stuff.

Pretty happy with Swiggy.

Hey Zomato – I no more wanna SWIGGY-wiggy with you.


Zomato apologized for hurting sentiments & taken off above hoarding the next day morning


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