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Your website url sucks

Your website url sucks!

It sucks your money, your time, your attention and your energy.

It is not about the advanced stuff like UX/UI, content, SEO, creative banners or videos.

It sucks because it’s not about your visitors, it’s about YOU.

This is truer for personal websites people are making.

It starts from the url.

A website like [your-name].com SCREAMS -“ME”, don’t get into that trap.

I get it, you are trying to build your personal brand. I have done that and realised the mistake.

Visitors are not on your website to know more about you or are they?

They are on your website to find a solution. 

I see many digital(yourname).com’s OR some businesses have a banner with the message “Welcome to [company-name] website.

They all SCREAM “ME”.

Your website should be about your audience, the value proposition.

So have an URL that can establish and connect immediately with clarity like,,, ( is there some travel company solely focussing on solo women travellers?) and alike

Did you see what we did there?

Just with the URL you can attract right audience by putting it in any place, collaterals, other sites, etc

People will also share it more. Chance of getting run by someone called Amar getting shared is more than and it will also attract mostly financial advisors. Agree? 

You can make your personal brand, more strong than going [your-name] dot com URL way.

So get the URL right and suggest same to other people & your clients when applicable.

But that depends on finding your target audience first, ones you want to serve best. Your Niche!

Becuase if you market to all, you market to no one.  

In our next post, we will learn how to find our target audience. 

So, actually, that’s the step 1. That’s the start. 

Let me know in comments whether you agree or not. 


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