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Why people are not buying and what should marketers do to turn clicks to cash - The #ClickToCash Guy of Digital Marketing- Amar krishna Jha

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why people dont buy

Why people are not buying and what should marketers do to turn clicks to cash

People don’t buy primarily for 3 reasons

  1. They don’t trust you
  2. They don’t trust themselves
  3. They think they have lot of time

Solutions for marketers

  1. How to use narratives to create a desire for transaction ( solution to people don’t trust you)

Ex 1. How Dean Graziosi, world-class speaker & author uses stories to sell his book ( watch first 5 seconds to understand how he attracts attention- 80% people watch video on FB with mute so he has a hack) Video with storytelling. 

Ex 2. How the e-commerce platform uses stories to sell ( now they ship to India also )

Ex 3. How uses stories with emotions to sell its merchandise watch the promo video also > 

Some more tips

Use Video testimonials of your client. Any other format of testimonial is not going to cut it anymore.

Use social proof apps like UseProof

     2. For converting people who do not trust themselves give an immediate solution, a small actionable hack that can take them 1 step closer to goals.


Ex. When you are selling something like “Lose 7 kg weight in 21 days flat” that’s too far and makes many people doubt so also offer something like “do this exercise at home for 20 minutes and in 2 days you will lose .5kgs” or “ try this facebook ad template for creating effective ads in 10 mins” offer these as free and they will try and see how it works and invest in your big idea.


By giving such quick actionable tips to get a step closer to their goals you can use the principle of reciprocity. When you take someone from something for free, you’re instantly inclined to give them something back. You feel like you owe them. And smart marketers love to play on this human “flaw.”


80,000+ Facebook ads from all industries


     3) For converting people who think they have lot of time marketers should use the “Principle of Urgency

> The first is by using a countdown timer. Time is one primary way that we create urgency. One of my fav tools for this is its multi-platform cross-device and real-time using IP address & cookies.

> Second way to do create urgency is by negativity unpleasant situation or potential for pain, you can get people to act on their impulsive tendencies to buy now.

> Third way is by creating scarcity by leveraging one of the most important principles of economics — the forces of supply and demand and keeping all this one-to-one human-to-human interaction through your messages.

Here’s the entire conversation with @Kaushik @joheb @Arindam & few more guys… FB live video

Now let’s understand why people buy

One of my fav quotes is “ People don’t buy the sandwich, they buy the convenience. “

Just like sandwiches, selling products and services is a matter of packaging.

Marks & Spencer wasn’t selling bread, meats, cheese, and lettuce.

They were selling an effortless, quick, tasty snack.

I, as a digital marketer, am not selling products or services.

I’m selling the experience of relief from work, watching sales go up, seeing a great ROI, create preeminent positioning and winning somebody to help with marketing strategy.

So people don’t buy your products, they buy how you assembled existing skills and principles to help them with their problems.

Here’s a great article on How the sandwich consumed Britain ( The world-beating British sandwich industry is worth £8bn a year. It transformed the way we eat lunch, then did the same for breakfast – and now it’s coming for dinner)

If you have a business that’s getting clicks but not cash I would love to audit the sales process, your messages, markets, value creation & sales funnel to turbocharge ROI. Let’s talk before you waste more money on clicks.

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  • Rachel

    December 18, 2017, 4:32 pm

    Thanks so much for recommending Proof! We believe social proof testimonials are one of the best ways you can market your business and increase conversions. Try it for yourself- there’s a free two-week trial when you sign up on our homepage. 🙂

  • Amar

    December 19, 2017, 12:22 pm

    Thanks for the offer Rachel, I do use Proof on almost all my client’s website. I am planning to launch few courses on my website soon and will definitely use it. You have a great product!

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