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Using facebook pixel? delay default firing of 3 seconds & increase 10X ROI - The #ClickToCash Guy of Digital Marketing- Amar krishna Jha

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Using facebook pixel? delay default firing of 3 seconds & increase 10X ROI

Yesterday in my whatsapp newsletter along with free tool to Make messenger bot, exhaustive guide on mobile website design (guide in association with google), a fantastic book on storytelling I also shared a very valuable tip on Facebook marketing.
If you have ever done FB marketing you know about Facebook pixels and I guess the code is already in your website header somewhere.
Problem : default pixel fires in 3 seconds. [One line simple code can delay the Facebook pixel from firing by 3 seconds.]
Why is this important?
Well if you’ve ever done any kind of marketing online, then you’re familiar with the terms “bounce” and “bounce rate”, it’s those cheeky fellows who hit your website from google or an ad and immediately leave within seconds of hitting it. However your Facebook pixel doesn’t know better, and there has been several studies on the subject, and ineffectively markets your retargeting ads and future campaigns off the belief that this person is interested in your product.
The truth is, bouncers like this include spammers, click jackers, and even some bots, all pointless traffic that you are now directly marketing to and getting charged impression traffic (and clicks) on follow up traffic, and at scale can cost you hundreds to thousands a month.
So by delaying the pixel from firing, you are able to omit those people from those results.
I personally like to go full nerd and set it up to where it checks if they scroll or press down on the mouse before firing the Facebook pixel instead of a simple timeout above. Additionally I setup tag events for the pixel to trigger, so I pass through what products are added to the cart, triggers when people scroll past a CTA section on a page, and much more… and while you might not be able to do that without programming experience or a hybrid programmer who understands marketing, you will see improvement with the one-liner code which I have shared with people who have subscribed to my paid newsletter.
Pro tip- you can also segment people through time spent using Facebook pixel. A person spending 45 seconds or more is definitely more likely to engage with retargeting ad than one who spent 10 seconds. I will cover all this in my paid newsletters.
My next newsletter will talk about which unconventional marketing tactic did Tinder employ to triple its user base and other mobile growth tactics.
Here’s the link to subscribe  (prices will go up soon to RS.100/month from RS.100/100 days)
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