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I Can't Believe I Am Sharing This Trick- Turn Cold Leads To Hot Prospects

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I Can’t Believe I Am Sharing This Trick – Turn Cold Leads To Hot Prospects

I don’t know what CRM this guy in pic uses but seems he is the right guy for activating our cold leads.

Marketing is a lot like wooing girls…(more on that over a beer).

In an online world, you let your blog, your website, your ads, your emails, your testimonials and stuff do the conversation so you can’t take anything but the best of best.

All the sales funnel we design are usually for a month or so once someone says YES by opting in.

Here’s some interesting insight,

ONLY 50% of people of all the leads you generate will buy ( from you or your competitor) that too over 18 months. (15% of 50% buy in 3 months rest 85% buy in 18 months )

Very often businesses leave these leads in the bin.

Do you also have cold leads sitting in your CRM some 2017ft down approaching 2018?

Do you have a proven methodology to activate these leads?

Let me tell you a little secret you can use to convert some really old leads into your clients

[I can’t believe I am sharing this trick]

Trick is
1) Get them open your email ( I have talked about it here)
2) Start a conversation, even if you get a negative response there is a high chance of conversion because a conversation has started. A simple mail with “are you still looking for [your service/ his benefits] gets the ball rolling

I encourage you to try this simple yet mighty effective trick and drop me a thank you note below in comments if it works for you as well. It has for me for all my clients & my students.

With all the amazing tech & simple automation, you can have a system in place to nurture these leads.

And a big hug to people who think email marketing is dead, You are doing it wrong!

There are so many amazing things you can do with emails

Like one of the best moments so to say is “during unit” ( MOFU – Middle of the funnel – interested but not committed) it’s the time between when the guy has said YES and real transaction happens. You can Upsale & the reason you see other related products just before checkout. I first learned this from Joe Sugarman’s Psychological trigger’s to control the mind of your prospects,  Ch1 “the ice cream ordering sequence” and it works just fine most of the times.

Since we are discussing emails, many times I have also been asked by people in workshops if cold emails work? so let me answer that as well.

Cold emails work if done right, but typically expect the response rates to be lower since they are cold. The quality of the subject line and offer are the main determining factors. If you do it at scale, tools like “Mailshake” make cold email outreach much more scalable. To get more mileage from your efforts, if you direct people to a landing page, use Google Adwords Remarketing and Facebook Remarketing to continue the sales effort/relationship even if they don’t respond to your drip emails.

One more advice. You should build templates for almost every stage of buyers journey, templates for writing ads, templates for writing emails, templates for all things that marketers spend lot of time on and I will share few of them if you join one of my courses ( 10+ yrs of experimenting + analyzing 1000’s emails that hit your inbox every month from best marketers and companies, getting remarketed all over the place helps you build templates, make your swipe files, analyse and get better at game)

So what is your big challenge?

Generating leads?
Converting leads?

Let’s talk about your #ClickToCash journey challenges.

And if any of you happen to track this guy consult him on how he managed to lighten a 4 yr old flame.





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