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identify image theft using reverse image search techniques

Track if someone is using your photographs without your permission

Since the early days of Internet image theft is more rampant than teenagers falling in love. The fact that doing so is so easy that many aren’t even aware that it’s a theft and one is not suppose to use images without the consent of owner. Now while there is no way we can stop this even with disabling right click on images, adding a copyright text, watermarking image or using DMCA badge but yes all of these can definitely make it hard for some people to use your image, what’s more important is to know first who is using your images and where.

This can be achieved through a simple reverse search.

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Why would you to do a reverse image search?

  • To see if your uploaded photos are being used on another site without your permission.
  • To find the original source of a popular Pinterest, Tumblr, or Facebook photo.
  • If you have a photo on your computer and you can’t remember where it came from.
  • To find similar images or high resolution / different sizes images
  • False rumor alert especially in social media with those funny captions

Now since Google is the most common search engine we all use here lets start with Google images

*This trick can also be useful if you if have a photo on your computer, and you can’t remember where it came from. You’ll first have to upload it to the internet so you can grab its URL.

Once you’ve done that, here’s how you do a Reverse Image Search.

Google reverse image search

Click on image icon and you will screen like this

reverse image search - google

Now you can either paste the image URL or upload the image stored in your computer, like I uploaded my current profile picture to see if it’s not being used at any other site apart from ones where i uploaded

image search all sizes

Once you click on All sizes google throws you all places this image has been used.  I came across this url & i don’t remember creating my account in Klear

On clicking the link i came to know it’s a profile of my school buddy and my pic is shown as profiles Ajay interacts with mostly so all good there.

Quite easy and quick way to find if anyone is using your pictures /creatives (any kind of image content) without your permission and then maybe you can get in touch with them for a backlink, credit or take it down as required.


You can also use ( has an app in iOS for reverse search) , ( has corporate and free plans with browser extensions) (for reddit)

Pinterest visual search tool for doing a reverse image search.

One of the widely used resource used by photographers around the world to fight image theft is

Now in a world dominated by Mobile how can you not have apps to do reverse image searches

  1. Google Goggles (mot popular on Android, there are many other a simple search will throw you all options)
  2. Veracity & Bing app (iOS)

Add-ons / Extensions for Prominent Browsers


Search by image for google 

Bing Lookup


Google image search

Tineye has a plugin and is available across all browsers


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