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My phone has FREEzed but I am FREE…

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phone freezed

My phone has FREEzed but I am FREE…

I want to make a confession that I have actually never made before in public or person.

And be free of this guilt by taking it off my chest


Free from staring at the screen while commuting.

Free from the tyranny of expecting that important call from my clients & prospects.

Free from neck arching down constantly.

Free from dealing with tons & millions of WhatsApp group messages (exited some lately more to follow).

Free from capturing every moment in my photo album.

Free from constant distractions through several notifications.

Free from the urge to attend things immediately.

Free from the weight of my phone in the hand.

Free from consuming things when I don’t need to.

& Free from being a slave of this wonderful addictive habit-forming technology that demands I am always in reactive mode…

Not denying how important it is & how that one quick call has saved me & my family from situations no one wants to be in…

Not denying how some of you picked that desperate call from me and did everything you could to fix things immediately & know that I will be ever grateful.

Not denying the fact that It has helped me become what I am professionally….

Technology has done unbelievably good things to me and all of us.

And maybe that’s why I didn’t force this freeze. It just happened.

And here’s the confession

I was hooked to technologies. Phones with latest OS & features, FB groups (though all profesional), Twitter ( for entertainment & consuming information), emails, videos  etc…consuming more than I should.

My professional & personal life suffered. I couldn’t FOCUS on important things that needed my full attention. And I was not fully present in conversations with my wife & 7 yr old son or other people I care about.

I was not in full control of my behaviour.

Now that it’s off my chest with a public confession, I want to know if I am alone?

Have you stayed online longer than you intended?


I hope I am not alone.

We all have been doing things against our better judgment ever since we evolved. 

But the problem is technology has evolved faster than us & will keep outpacing us.

Our social & personal habits change slowly and technology is just getting further & further away

And now since I have a frozen iPhone & half functioning android (after 8.1.0 update) I have decided to prove to this technology (and myself) that It can never freeze my life– and everything will work out better and just perfect.

Maybe it was time for a little detox from technology and sort out few things in life. Maybe

It’s time to “self-reflect”.
It’s time to “notice more”.
It’s time to “Natural>Virtual”.

It’s time to let my “mind wander”.
It’s time to feel like an “alien”.

It’s time to “look into eyes”.

It’s time for more “real conversations”.

It’s time to “put technology in its place

It’s time to get in “super-daddy” mode.

It’s time to “LOOK UP

So what am I going to do about all this?

Am I going to let these phones stay as they are? Well no, and I can’t even stop technology to evolve so fast. I am just going to make small changes like making it difficult to do certain things like getting rid of apps and logging in through browser or maybe get a basic handset without internet. 

Because ( I read this wonderful line on vast internet somewhere)

No one on their deathbed ever said, “I wish I’d spent more time checking notifications on my mobile phone”.

What are you doing to keep technology in its place? I am aware of how technology can help you stay away from technology (ironic & funny) with apps like focusmate or freedom but instead I want you to share the simple actionable hacks you use.

Here’s to better living…

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  • Nelay Banerjjee

    December 15, 2017, 8:45 am

    Nice piece of creation. Your creation once again makes us to believe that we are not for technology, but technology is for us.

    • Amar

      December 15, 2017, 10:11 am

      Yes Nelay, I was dancing to it’s tunes. Happy that a small accident made me realize I need to stop and swap the roles 🙂

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