How to make money from your smartphone pictures

Foap is a good *marketplace* for stock pictures. Head to their free app on Google Play & iTunes if you want to License the most engaging and authentic content for your online marketing across the web and social media channels or want to make little money ($5 / per pic / every time one buys) All you DSLR owners and self proclaimed photographers hit the app. Other options for making money of your smartphone / DSLR pictures 1) Fotolia Instant (itunes & high quality edit specifications) instant creative mobile images of high quality 2) Scoopshot (itunes, Google Play) You can sign in as a photographer or You can hire freelance photographers / film makers / crowdsource your photographs from anywhere in world. There are many other places to sell your photographs including the most popular  submit images option of  Shutterstock read this Top 10 sites to sell it online .

[Pro Tip – Quite often we are worried if anyone is using our photographs without our consent. To track where all your images are used online read How to Track if someone uses your photographs without your permission using simple reverse image search technique and apps ]


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