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Instagram marketing tips for photographers to make money - The #ClickToCash Guy of Digital Marketing- Amar krishna Jha

What  if walking the streets with an iPhone or any good camera phone would pay the bills? Instagram can help.

Launched in 2010 and acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has taken the mobile photo-sharing niche by storm, with no signs of stopping soon.

Thinking about using Instagram to market your business? Want to become Instagram famous? Here are the coolest, most surprising Instagram statistics and facts to know for this year.

You can skip this stats section and directly go to 8 ways to use Instagram for building personal brand

Instagram Demographic Statistics

1. 80% of Instagram users are outside of the US.
2. Most Instagram users are between 18-29 years old.
3. Six in ten online adults have Instagram accounts.
4. Female internet users are more likely to use Instagram than men, at 38% vs. 26%.
5. 32% of teenagers consider Instagram to be the most important social network.
6. 32% of Instagram users attended college.


Instagram Usage Statistics

1. After Instagram itself, Selena Gomez has the most followers with 117 million. Cristiano Ronaldo has 97 million and National Geographic has 75 million.
2. Beyonce holds the record for the most liked Instagram with her pregnancy announcement which garnered almost 11 million likes.

3. There are over 600 million Instagrammers.
4. Of that 600 million, 400 million are active every day.
5. There are 16,600,000 Google searches for “instagram” per month.
6. There are 165,000 searches per month for “kylie jenner instagram”
7. 51% of Instagram users access the platform daily, and 35% say they look at the platform several times per day.
8. 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram per day.
9. Over 40 billion photos and videos have been shared on the Instagram platform since its conception.

Instagram Business Statistics

1. There are 8 million registered businesses using Instagram business profiles.
2. Instagram has 1 million monthly active advertisers—up from just 200,000 in March 2016.
3. 60% of the top brands on Instagram use the same filter for every post.
4. In March 2017, over 120 million Instagrammers visited a website, got directions, called, emailed, or direct messaged to learn about a business based on an Instagram ad.

5. Instagram is estimated to have brought in $1.53 billion in global mobile ad revenue in 2016, which is a 144 percent increase year-over-year and would amount to 8.4 percent of Facebook’s global mobile ad revenue according to International Business Times.
6. eMarketer projects that Instagram’s global mobile ad revenues will reach $2.81 billion this year, accounting for over 10 percent of parent company Facebook’s global ad revenues.
7. This year, 70.7% of U.S. companies will use Instagram for marketing, edging out Twitter for the first time.
8. 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business.
9. 60% of users say that they have learned about a product or service on the platform.

Instagram Content Statistics

1. 100 million users use the “stories” feature daily.
2. Instagram posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than those without.

3. The best time to post on Instagram for the most engagement is at 5 PM on Wednesdays.
4. As of December 2016, there were over 282 million selfies on Instagram.
5. The most used emoji is the heart <3
6. 23.4% of Instagrammers report having been cyberbullied on the platform.
7. Pizza is the most widely Instagrammed food, directly ahead of steak and sushi.
8. The most popular filters are Clarendon, Gingham and Juno/Lark.


That was some awesome stat telling us this platform is growing and growing at much higher speed. here’s how to get the best out of instagram

Keep your bio neat & up to date 

Your username and bio are the first thing visitors will see when they land on your profile—they’re important and should be crafted carefully.

Two things are often forgotten: email and location. Include your email to show potential clients and peers where they can contact you (for work or collaborations), and add a location so they know where you’re based.

There are only two things that are referenced by Instagram on your profile, your account username and your account name. When you do a search, it will only look for the content in those two fields (as well as for hashtags). Speaking of which.

Hashtag the right way

Hashtags can have both a good and a bad effect on your reach and engagement. If you use them incorrectly you’ll just end up receiving more spam comments and likes from bots rather than real humans.


First and foremost, don’t bother using common words like #photographer, #photography, or #sunset because they are overloaded with millions of images (new ones every second) and your pictures will not “live” long enough on the hashtag page for other users to see it.

>A good hashtag is searched for often but not overused.

A good example is #justelimage which is a tag specific for minimalistic photography. Or #fujifeed a tag for Fujifilm camera users run by Fujifeed.

I wouldn’t recommend using a hashtag that has more than 250,000 entries on it except if it’s a very specific one filled with good images. Common words such as #happiness and #love are prone to spamming, and there are often bots configured to auto like and comment on those tags set up by companies to advertise themselves.

One last thing: don’t write your post description with hashtags on every two words like “this is a #sunset that I #photographed in #Switzerland” because, firstly, it will make you look like a teenager and, secondly, it’s not very legible.

Put your hashtags at the end of your post and try to limit yourself to 15 of them. 30 is the limit, but it’s a big mess.

To manage your list of custom hashtags, I suggest you to try the mobile apps Tagsdock (iOS) or Favtags (Android). They will save you tons of time by letting you create custom lists of tags you can then re-use easily in your posts.

Keep in mind when you build an audience that the majority of it will expect you to keep posting the same kind of images. For example, I post mostly architecture and editorial photography and my followers like that style.

Square or not square

There’s a huge difference between posting square images, horizontal/vertical, or using a white border. All have pros and cons.

Square images

It’s how the app started, so people are more used to it. But regarding of psychology, they don’t appear as classical photographs. We’re too accustomed to seeing rectangular images in magazines and galleries to acknowledge that a square can also be a photographer’s work.

Pros: your image is the same between the thumbnail and the bigger view.
Cons: it doesn’t make people think “ok this is the work of a photographer”

Vertical images

They look really good and take up the most space on the user’s screen, but for some photographers it’s a bit more difficult to compose them. Also, they have a slightly different aspect ratio than the files that come out of your camera (which means it’s gonna be slightly cropped).

Pros: it’s gorgeous and big and full of details (resolution is the highest).
Cons: you cannot control how Instagram crops the thumbnail version.

Horizontal images

Very classical, they instantly say to the viewer “look, I’m a photographer.” They’re a bit smaller than squares and vertical ones but at least you keep that sweet landscape ratio.

Cons: you cannot control how Instagram crops the thumbnail version.

Images with a white border

These are perhaps the strongest indicator to people who land on your profile that you are a photographer (amateur or pro) and not just someone posting his snaps. As an artist, you understand the importance of the ratio of an image, as well as the need for empty space around it.

By framing it with white you clearly show to people that your image is intended to be seen like this, you control that viewing process.

Pros: it will make you look more professional. You don’t have to make the viewer click on a thumbnail to see the uncropped version.
Cons: you have less chances of being “regram’ed” (published on other Instagram magazines accounts or groups) because of that white border. Many of these accounts post only squares or vertical/horizontal images.


Publishing images should be done regularly. In order to be the most effective, find a pattern and stick to it. I’ve tried uploading pictures every day and every three days and I still had the exact same level of engagement. But as soon as you break the pattern, your stats will just drop.

Forget to post for a few days? Your next image will have weaker impact.

People get used to seeing your content popping onto their feed at regular intervals. The positive thing I noticed when you post regularly but not too often (for example, one image every 3 days) is that your images globally get more reach, because they stay on top of your profile longer.


Reply & Comment, be polite and humble 

Nowadays I bet you’ll have a better chance of getting noticed by leaving a comment on Instagram instead of sending a company an email to their generic “info” address.


Use this visibility

We live in a mobile world, you have a million times better chance that some photo editor will stumble on your Instagram account rather than on your portfolio (even if it’s well-referenced and cross-linked).

The simple reason is that we mostly browse the Internet from the devices we always have with us, our phones or tablets. Instagram is used by a ton of curators, companies, brands, and agencies looking for talent.


 Keep things simple

People’s attention span is shorter than ever before, especially on this social network. They won’t read a long description.

The average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds today. Goldfish, meanwhile, are believed to have an attention span of 9 seconds.

But this isn’t an excuse not to write anything under your images.

I get a bit upset when a photographer posts a picture of a very good looking building without indicating the location (using the location tool) or without mentioning the name of the place or the architect. People are interested in the context as well as the content.

Keep your description short and to the point.



Another way to increase your followers and engagement is to participate in Instagram support groups.  There are Instagram engagement groups ALL OVER Facebook, all with the goal of creating smaller support groups based on common Instagram themes.  Within these groups are people who support each other by following, sharing, commenting, liking, and engaging with each other on Instagram.  While this isn’t necessarily an organic and business-oriented way to increase followers, it does help with upping your numbers, which in turns helps with credibility and good impressions.


Wake up and post.

Mornings are when most Instagram users login and check their feed, so cater to this. I live on the west coast, so I know I’m already posting late for my east coast followers when I share a photo at 8 a.m. Aim to get your posts out early in the day for whatever time zone you’re targeting (if your followers are worldwide, this is less useful).


Have fun

This won’t replace your portfolio or traditional networking. Keep cool and share when you want to share, publish the images you want to publish. It shouldn’t take you too much time/effort, and if you act too professional people will eventually get bored of your content.

Find a balance between the formal and the light-hearted.

Instagram is a beautiful community where I’ve met a lot of real-life friends and had shared a ton of very good memories. It’s a place were I can get real feedback; a place that makes me push myself to create new images every day.


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