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iLearn- My every day's Digital Marketing activities in your inbox at 11PM


Plan with iLEARN is to share my daily digital marketing activities I perform on a daily basis to get growth by sending you an email at 11pm starting April 1st, 2017. Things like, ofcourse with screen shots and videos wherever possible ( not exhastive but lion’s share)

  1. How I found which keywords to work on for SEO (entire process)
  2. Keywords selected for paid campaigns and the rational behind.
  3. Changes made to existing campaigns with reasons
  4. How I generated that celebrity lead on social media and people you should connect with.
  5. A/B testing assumptions and results. [I love experiements].
  6. Why one of the strategies failed to deliver expected results and stuff like that.
  7. How I got my first speaking engagement, my emails to offer as speaker or conducting workshops
  8. Articles that I read today and found really useful
  9. Occasional job/internship offers in Digital Marketing domain and how to get into the game
  10. How I am marketing this newsletter ( this on it’s own is big and worth all your money)

Now since this is lot of knowledge and time consuming, I will make it a paid service at Rs 250/ month for 25 mails. That’s Rs. 10/day for learning few awesome stuff. Anyone willing to subscribe but are in 2 minds or need any further information/clarification, please feel free to message/whatsapp at 9088414444 or email me at [email protected]

I plan to follow it up with very very detailed articles on specific topics of SEO, Adwords, Social media, Content strategy etc. every weekend.

Comments will be entertained and replied solely based on merit (FAQ types).

Ideal for

  1. People who have just started their DM journey or planning to start.
  2. Very useful for ones who have mastered a niche and want to learn growth hacks.
  3. Anyone want to have sneak peak into my daily work life 😉

Once you enroll you will be part of my private FB group (currently 70 people) to ask questions on emails sent or you can hit reply and talk directly to me. Cool, right?

My goal is to give you strategy and skills to grow your knowledge & business.

Email will hit your inbox at 11pm starting tomrrow.

Thank You!

Hope to see you aborad and send all the good stuff at Rs.10/day.

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Mini Sample 

> I have to stay updated with what’s happening in Digital world and spend lot of time reading and practicing new things that excite me. I rely mostly on feedly for my content source and offlate using These are the most useful articles I read today and think you should too

‘Social CEOs’ boost brand building

5 facebook ad updates you need to know about

> Made few creative concepts for an upcoming campaign. One ex ( I either use PPT or canva for my concepts to pass on to designer)

> Closed this awesome campaign with some great CTR’s and 153 leads (conversions). Email will have all details of how it started and mid tweaks if its a closed campaign along with keyword selection strategy, bid strategy and automations. Landing page links. ( I am writing THE MOST EXHASUSTIVE ARTCILE / GUIDE ever written on how to start and optimise your search campaign, preview few lines down )

> How we are building this awesome email list organically for a content aggregation site with no original content or article url’s

> Why I am suddenly active in Quora aswering questions on Digital Marketing & how did it benefit ? For that matter why one of the most successful marketer Neil Patel is spending hours & hours on Quora writing long answers 

> My really long AdWords search campaign guide I am writing. You won’t need anything else for starting or optimising your campaign (I hope above campaign CTR’s/Conversions were impressive enough to see you till here)

And there will be days when you will get more than this in one day. Still think Rs 10/day is too much to pay? If not enroll for iLearn now and let’s do some epic shit!

JOIN iLEARN @ Rs. 300/month