How a free tool like "Goolge Alerts" helps me personally & professionally

Now first thing first, I am great fan of “Google Alerts” for more than a decade now. Google started “Google Alerts” services on 6th Aug 2003 and is probably one the best FREE tools available to mankind and marketers who want to stay updated with topics, trends, competitors, jobs …possibilities are unlimited.

For ones who are not familiar with “Google Alerts”  all it does is, it monitors the Web for words and phrases and then sends you an email or updates an RSS feed every time it finds a new result, instantly, daily, weekly as you want from sources you want. Sounds very simple right? but only once you start using it intelligently & creatively you will understand how effective a free tool like this can be with almost limitless possibilities for your personal and professional life

Some Possibilities  Monitoring brands – Just like Arvind kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi, Salman Khan, Maggi, Nexus6P, Flipkart or for the sake of feminists Sunny Leone, my name “Amar Krishna Jha)” is my brand. Any time my website or name is mentioned, I get an email direct to my inbox to alert me. This offers a great range of opportunities I can quickly attend to without paying those high fees to PR agencies: I can get alert to new discussions about my name/website or if I have been mentioned somewhere without a link back to my site. These are the alerts I have set up to monitor my brand online: Amar Krishna Jha AmarKrishnaJha AmarKrishna Jha www.localhost/amarsir localhost/amarsir Similarly you can use your name or brand or a celeb and stay on top of all news. I Know a tollywood celebrity who is using Alerts to keep a watch on her Ex and what he is talked about, obviously advised by your truly. <grins> Monitor Competitors – You know why. Now out of probably 10 solid reasons I will give one for people in Digital Marketing industry more so for SEO professionals. You know how important it is to get a good relevant back link from good authority site. All you need to do is monitor some of your competitors and get the links. I also track good bad reviews and do whatever I need to 🙂 Can’t reveal who all I track and what all I do. Start thinking and nothings impossible. Hack- Want to know if your competitor make some changes to their website or particular pages use this awesome tool called ChangeDetection to get alerts Monitor Discussions / Questions on your niche – Great for driving traffic, building authority and of-course get some loyal subscribers. Some examples, use all possible combo’s and as said go wild experiment and see which query works best for you How * link building Is * SEO Can * Social Media marketing When * Google AdWords Why * Content Marketing Will * Video Marketing Small tip – If you are into content creation that helps people setup an alert around that content and help people pointing towards your content to get relevant traffic. For ex. I wrote an article Track if your email was read, when, how, for how long I can create some alerts for “email tracking” , “how to track emails” etc and can participate or point people to my content. Who and Where is your content Shared – I can setup email alerts like “how to track emails” OR “track emails” “tools for tracking email” “tools for tracking email opens” and see which all blogs/ blog comments my link was shared Guest Post Opportunities – Set up alerts for areas you want to write guest blog post. A simple Google search like ……………but then it’s always better to set up alerts and be notified of new opportunities instead of keep searching for one every time. “write for us” SEO “submit guest post” SEO “bloggers wanted” SEO “become a contributor” SEO People interested and serious in writing guest post can refer to this fantastic article using Google to find guest post opportunities Other possibilities
  • When a company is hiring (“Wipro” and “Job” and “Digital Marketing”)
  • Follow ongoing events (World Cup, Wimbledon).
  • New deals, promotions or coupons.
  • Track plagiarism without consent or credit for content
There can be million more ways to use Google Alerts. All you need to do is think of the box and voila you can even win clients/prospects over. A month back I used twitter to get in touch with an upcoming singer in UK who was looking for some help with his AdWords account to promote his site and get records sell along with building brand online for better prospects. After few exchanges on twitter we moved to conversations on emails where he shared his credentials and other details but then he got some good opportunities and got busy. I was writing in mail every 15 days or so to be in touch but what clicked is when he was mentioned in Huffingtonpost UK website for X-Factor 2016 which I came to know through Google alerts since he being a kind of celebrity i was tracking him and rest is history.

Pretty easy and quick to set also. Go to “Google Alerts” Type the topic/ brand/ thing/ trend/celeb name/phrase/event you are interested in or want to stay updated with like shown below

Google alerts

and you have many options to pick as per your requirement like source, frequency, region etc as shown

setup Google alerts

You can take action by addressing the feedback, participate in discussions or getting links added. Like in above picture I found one of my students wrote a blog on How he worked on a lead generation campaign using Google AdWords and at the end was kind enough to ask his audience to refer to my site but no links given.

Few Alternatives to Google Alerts 



Then again you have some dedicated Social search Engines like SocialMention & Mentions You can google for some more Social search engines OR a fantastic service like IFTTT ( tool to automate your world, currently supports 321 channels/apps ) Zappier.

have any specific queries on how you can use for your business or personal use write in the comment below and I will try to assist you in same. Share with friends on social networks and let everyone get benefited.


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