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how to track emails

How to track emails – free tools

99% eh make that 99.9% of people I meet get excited to know that they can actually track whether the recipient has read their mail. Maybe I only meet people from other side but then this number is big enough to make me write about it. I will not get into benefits that tracking (There are atons of great reasons to use email tracking services) brings on the table like clients saying didn’t get your invoice and stuff…I am sure you will find many relevant to you. So let’s get back to the topic. Here’s how I do it

SalesHandy By far the best tool available. Works for both Gmail & Outlook. Throws real time notifications and helps you automatically track activities on file links send via email ( paid plans). It has also has a nice feature to links emails to CRM with just a check mark. SalesHandy also throws some templates for you to do kind of A/B testing, see which performs better and all that important analytics.

It doesn’t stop there,  I was using a different plugin to schedule my emails but no more. SalesHandy also takes care of that. Worth giving a spin Sign up for SalesHandy  and do more awesome things with better insights and analytics.

Other alternatives

HubSpots Sidekick email tracking app not only gives you live notifications when someone opens or clicks on an email but also lets you know how many times, where and from what device. And NO it doesn’t stop here, You also get to know sender’s social media profiles and recent tweets and stuff and how he is communicating with you.

You can use Sidekick for Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook for Windows & Outlook 365, Apple Mail  it also has a chrome extension. Now You might enjoy this in early days but some of you may also get annoyed with few too many notifications from the sidekick. Just go to settings and choose the settings you want to receive. If you do not want to track a conversation you can “MUTE THREAD”  which will turn off all future real-time notifications. You can always UNMUTE. 
You can also choose to track or not-track individual messages by switching ON/OFF option in Gmail/Outlook etc.
 GetNotify – Now this tool goes further ahead and gives you information like for how long your mail was read, ability to track clicks on links in email and so on..

Only for Gmail

 MailTrack –  Simple chrome extension available for Gmail.  If you’re just looking for a simple service to help you know if your emails are being read, without any need for all the other bells and whistles, this is a good, simple, no-fuss solution for that.
Streak – Now this is a complete FREE CRM for Gmail and wonderful tool if you can make full use of it.
Some Other Paid Alternatives

If you have any specific questions please leave a comment below. Happy Tracking!


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