how to make GIF from videos and best gif resources

video to gif tool to convert videos quickly into gif Vimeo is popular but chances are the video you want to turn into GIF is on YouTube. Don’t worry, no need to download third-party apps or digging around for an online converter. Here’s a trick you are going to thank heavens for being so simple & easy: just add “GIF” to the beginning of the URL. After “www.” and before “” & voila your GIF will be ready. Like so: gif. So, for example, you’d turn: into:
and hit enter. gif-jr To be clear, this isn’t an official YouTube tool so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work forever , particularly if YouTube’s legal team gets too skeptical about the use of their trademark right in the domain. This is a side project by the team behind the super GIF-centric messaging app Glyphic. One catch: in the current build, you can set the start time and GIF duration, but you can’t get super precise about it. If you want frame-by-frame control for that sweet, sweet perfectly timed loopage, you’ll probably want something like GIFGrabber or GIFBrewery   and if you are looking for cool GIF’s and don’t want to follow those tumblr accounts here’s google of GIF’s GIPHY]]>

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