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How to add DM link to your tweet in twitter - The #ClickToCash Guy of Digital Marketing- Amar krishna Jha

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DM link in tweet

How to add DM link to your tweet in twitter

Twitter recently announced a lot of features and one the most important one’s was adding a DM link to one’s tweet like this, a call to action (CTA)

Many companies have already started taking help of this feature especially in replies to their customers.

Here’s how to do it

You just need to add the following link at the end of a tweet, and it will automatically create the CTA button.”your account’s numeric user ID”

Ex for my twitter id:

To find your id you can use

and make sure that you have “Accept DM’s from anyone” enabled for it to work.

To do this go to settings > privacy & safety > Direct Messages > Enable “Receive Direct Messages from anyone”.

You can also use companies like HootSuite ,  Conversocial  to achieve the same objective.

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