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How I am generating leads for my "instagram for photographers" workshop - The #ClickToCash Guy of Digital Marketing- Amar krishna Jha

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How I am generating leads for my “instagram for photographers” workshop

I am going to conduct a workshop for photographers “Instagram for workshop” on 10th at Durgapur, a small steel city in West Bengal.

Workshop will cover following things

  1. Track competitors and hack their audience
  2. How to use stories and instagram direct
  3. How to use instagram as your quick portfolio with themes & grids
  4. Sell your photos let you passion help you pay bills
  5. Using proper hashtags & trends to reach out to your target audience
  6. Create effective stories and stand out from crowd
  7. Get your brand on Instagram explore page
  8. Learn how to do paid advertising on Instagram
  9. Bonus – Use of fb/ twitter/ blogs to promote your work and generate work leads
  10. Create your personal brand on social networks

Here’s a free simple guide for photographers to make money & online branding using instagram  ( covers 8% of what we will do in Workshop)

Offlate I have been frequently travelling to Durgapur and taking workshops at MBA/ Engg colleges on Digital Marketing.

These workshops are more to educate people about the possibilities and advantages of Digital since they don’t have much exposure and someone to guide them through the journey and too much information jungle.

But Instagram for photographers had its own challenge in a city like Durgapur. We got several people show interest in our offline workshops but I wanted to run a paid campaign and see results. So far quite satisfactory in terms of quality of leads generated .

Here’s how I did it.

First was deciding what platform to use. Google makes no sense for immediate lead generation organic or paid.

Only Facebook or instagram and I was thinking hard of theres someway I can integrate whatsapp

Now I am big fan of facebook Lead generation ads especially for these kind of campaigns

So I created a lead gen ad for location durgapur and targetting people with interest in photography

fb lead gen ad

fb ad lead gen

And this is what happened

fb lead gen ad results

17 leads collected for roughly Rs.11 / lead this could have been a little less as first few leads costed Rs 22+ due to bad copy ( heavy text loaded image as i decided to use the existing image )

facebook heavy text image

All leads generated were getting delivered to my mail id & Slack instantly using a free application Leadsync

lead generated through fb ads

I used zapier to get instant sms notifications of these emails when not connected to internet and added them on WhatsApp instantly. (It’s a pain as this process is manual since whatsapp doesn’t give any public API for automation but I hope they do so soon, marketers will rejoice)

Then I send a message to leads and have a content calendar plan to convert ones who dont pay immediately for the workshop

leads mail

WhatsApp bait

So far the campaign has been very successful with 50% + conversions ( 9 as of now) at the cost of Rs. 170/-.

Now I have optimized campaign for doing some beta testing based on reports. Like my cost to acquire 25-34 age group is much less than 18-24

performance report of fb

Let me know if you want to know any more or specific details of this campaign.

I share the important 20% secrets in my WhatsApp paid newsletter for Rs.1/day

Here’s a sample of daily newsletter that goes to my subscribers everyday.

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