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google grants for non profits

Google AdGrants, Free $10,000/ month for marketing your NGO

Since the day I came to Know about generous offer by Google through Google Grants to support NGO’s across the world, I have been advising / telling everyone I know about it. I mean come on let us accept $10,000 ( more than INR 6,00,000) every month for FREE to market your organization is just awesome. Ofcourse, it’s challenging to get one and then to maintain and utilise it properly to get some good return whatever is your marketing objective donations, volunteers, branding …

So I asked one of my interns (hired him from one the Digital Marketing Batches at Manipal in association with Google course) to do a bit of further research and since he was already working on Grants account of one of our clients things become much easier to draft.

You can read everything in Da Miracle’s blog post  Google AdWords grants eligibility and use funds properly to achieve your marketing objective.

One piece of advise for NGO’s Train one of your staff with AdWords handling from an expert to manage your funds instead of outsourcing it to an agency and pay retainer fees every month. Let me know if you need any help with the same.

Here’s a blog post by Google India on Google grants for non profits.

Blog post – Google adgrants adwords for nonprofits complete guide

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