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FREE SEO guide and analysis

Couple of years back in early 2015 I worked on a US based site SEO.

It was a brand new website designed by us but at the time of designing client just wanted a website no SEO and accordingly we designed one. Why do extra work and make it SEO friendly and all ? No PAY, NO PLAY

After a month he wanted to get some traction and decided that organic traffic is what he is interested in for long term.

Client is in the business of shuttle transportation from nearest airports to galveston island ( a popular destination in US). We did our research and confirmed that we can help him rank on page 1.

Within 2 months site was ranking on page 1 for 50+ keywords.

Any random combination of nearest airports combined with galveston island in search bar and site was right there at the top. It still is for more than 100 odd keywords including

“houton to galveston”

and high competive and intention keywords like “shuttle service from houston to galveston”

That was my first overseas client for SEO and he was over the moon with all the traffic and conversions. What happened as a result is we got lot of enquries from clients competitors to design their website + work on SEO.

It took us less than a day to make necessary changes. If you actually go and visit website you will notice there’s hardly any content or regular updates ( myth).

It’s not one of those swanky attractive designed website ( at times you design what you are asked to becuase clients know better! and is paying).

I will be sharing my hacks on how I go and do my audits of website and help them rank and convert visitors. How do I pick my keywords and slowly go on to rule the page 1 for many more competitive keywords for years and years.

And ranking as no 1 in organic search is one side of it. The other more important thing is to make sure you are able to convert most of that traffic who show intent by right messaging and right CTA’s.

What did I do to get there? What did I learned with my small experiments on SEO? What worked/ works and what doesn’t?

I am willing to share everything I have learned in last few years along with a free website audit.

Just to repeat things you will learn

1) How to analyse a website

2) How to do keyword research and which ones to target first (most important but few know the right steps- it’s a 6 step process and if you rely on Google’s keyword planner boy you must act fast!)

3) How to rank for more competitive keywords from long-tail to high competitive keywords and steps involved)

4) How to design pages based on intent of keyword to get conversions.

5) Sure shot ways to create high authority back links (Very few articles cover actual process

6) How to measure your SEO success and key metrics

7) Custom Annalytics

What you need to do is submit your site with details in this google form and I will revert with my audit and recommendations along with complete guide of how-to and tools.

What if you don’t have a website but still want to get these hacks ? Well here’s what you need to do. Fill in your details at my contact us page and I will send you one.

If you think this will help one your friend or collegaues or client feel free to share post link.



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