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free digital marketing courses with certificates

FREE digital marketing resources & courses for learning

Digital marketing certificates one should own as a marketer


AdWords search advertising certification  

The focus here is on creating and optimizing search ad campaigns across the search network (primarily search engine). It involves using tools like Keyword tools, targeting tools, bidding and budgeting tools.


Display advertising certification

Display ads are the building blocks to meet initial branding goals. This covers how to reach different types of audience by targeting at what kind of display content would lure that particular demographic.


Mobile advertising certification

The module teaches you about the psychology of mobile users, how to influence them to make a decision, bidding and targeting strategies, measuring performance and conversions.


Video advertising certification

This module allows you to venture into the lengths and depths of channel creation, growth, optimization, and monetization. The certification is given in four different modules,

  • Content Ownership
  • Asset Monetization
  • Channel Growth
  • Content Strategy


Shopping advertising certification  

The course educates a person on how to

  • Create a Merchant Account
  • Create a Product Data Feed
  • Create & Manage a Shopping Campaign


Google Analytics certification

  • The basic course for a beginner starts off with how to create an account & implement a track code.
  • The advanced course teaches you how to collect, decrypt data and conversion of them into reports. It takes you through advanced topics through 4 units which revolve around Data Collection, segmenting, processing & remarketing.


Google tag manager certification

Using clichéd or misleading tags reduces the site performance phenomenally. The course will teach you how to use Google Tag Manager, which cuts down your work and makes the tags more efficient.


Google Unlocked –



HubSpot Academy’s Inbound Certification 

This free course is stretched over a 5 hour class and guides you through SEO, blogging, nurturing & conversion of leads. All of these put together, a modern inbound strategy is formulated.


HubSpot Content marketing certification

Highlighting the difference between Inbound and Content Marketing, the course will aid you in creating your own content library and also making your content assets more efficient. You will be taught to write engaging content, which you can promote and give back leads & new customers.

HubSpot E-mail Marketing Certification

Email mastery

While there are over 2 million mails sent every day, most of them go unopened or end-up on the spam folder. The course will embed you with skills on how to write engaging emails and to define your own E-mail marketing strategy, through analytics and optimization.


Facebook Blueprint Certification:

This certification aims at using the Facebook fraternity of apps to your advantage. Although the courses are free of cost, anyone who wishes to get an official certificate from Facebook needs to pay to schedule an exam.



Week 1: Funnel Strategy

Week 2: Funnel Architecture

Week 3: Account Setup & Integrations

Week 4: Building The 6 Core Funnels

Week 5: Actionetics: Action Funnels, Sequences and MORE!

Week 6: Backpack: Running An Affiliate Program

Week 7: Copy 101 & Funnel Scripts

Week 8: Advanced Design & Video Tips

Week 9: Testing & Publishing

Week 10: Funnel Optimization

Week 11: High Ticket Sales & Client Intake

Week 12: Successful Project Delivery


PPC University

PPC University is a totally free online learning resource created by  WordStream, to help build your PPC and digital marketing skills.  Three streams offer lessons for beginning to advanced users, with additional modules for social advertising.

You can also access a number of webinars and white papers to enhance your digital marketing education, and best of all, everything’s mobile-friendly so you can learn on the go, whenever you have time!

Diploma in E-business by Alison

Diploma course in e-learning  

Note: All these courses are free with content available online by respective companies. But in digital marketing knowing how to do it has “zero” value compared to how it is done. It’s very practical oriented course and hence I recommend practising everything one is learning on a website, social media profile etc…may be of the institute, or if you have some business.  Finding one customer and working on their accounts for free should not be a problem. Just reach out to them with how you can help them generate more revenues through your marketing skills.

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