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Find your niche to work with high-margin, super-happy clients, and build a tribe of loyal, raving fans for your business. - The #ClickToCash Guy of Digital Marketing- Amar krishna Jha

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Find your niche to work with high-margin, super-happy clients, and build a tribe of loyal, raving fans for your business.

My best friend said: “The Digital Marketing Audit”  is so uncrowded it’s almost lonely!”

Now being lonely in personal life sucks but in professional life, it’s a dream come true. 

Essentially, a niche is the industry you will be in and the types of products you will sell; it’s what you specialize in.

For example,

Whole Foods

Whole Foods goes beyond groceries to reach nutritionally aware consumers who will likely pay a premium for the health benefits of organic food.

Picking a niche has several benefits especially if you are one man army or a small team. 

You can focus on one direction & approach your audience with laser-focus messaging. 

This builds your status as an expert and someone who understands and cares for them, which speeds up the process KNOW > LIKE > TRUST. 

That’s essential to turning prospects into paying customers.

One common mistake we do is believing that a website offering a large variety of products, something like Amazon, is the way to go. FYI even they started with selling books only. 

At first glance, it makes sense.

If you have things that at least somebody, somewhere in the universe is willing to buy… you can’t go wrong, right?


I face these problems all the time when I think what should I focus on?

Finding my next training or seminar opportunity?

Finding the next big account for audit?

Do consulting for helping an established company scale up?

Lead generation for educational institutes?

Or add an account for securing monthly inflow?

Instead, if I can just focus on saying ” I audit your digital marketing & find gaps that are stopping you to scale big”, it will be so easier for me to make my mark & find clients.

It’s AUDIT, AUDIT, AUDIT. Clear & focussed.

When you don’t find a niche and try to spread too thin here’s what happens

First, you don’t have the budget that an Amazon has.

So, if you have 4 different services on your site like I have, how will you advertise?

  1. Cost of Ads for all 4 services
  2. SEO for all 4 services
  3. Drip email campaigns for all 4 services
  4. and so on …

Do you have the time & money to invest in all of these?

Secondly, you’ll be completely overwhelmed, confused & making several broken bridges.

But, if you focus on just one niche, you can keep selling the same customers different products and services over time. 

Once I audit I can offer my lead gen services or content strategy or my PPC expertise.

Rather than constantly trying to chase new customers all the time you can spend more time selling to your existing customers, which is much easier to do.

The good news if you focus on one niche,

  1. Your costs will be lower.
  2. Your path to success will be much quicker.
  3. You already know your buyer persona.
  4. It’s easier for you to establish who you are to them.
  5. There is also less risk.
  6. And if the niche doesn’t work out, you can move on to different one easily.
  7. You stand out from the crowd ( the purple cow )

I can probably go on writing 101 reasons but they say 7 is a magical number for marketers ( Google “Millers law” once you are done with this post)

So many solopreneurs & companies are so short-focused all the time, chasing their next deal instead of really building a business and a long-term business. And I think the best way to do it is just by dominating one single niche or single target market,

The more knowledge & wisdom you have about your niche, better your chances of not being a commodity.

So essentially just being in a niche, you could never be a commodity.

If you can get the right title, identify the right market through good research, know what their unique problems are, and find a solution to solve it, then you really become the algorithm. Because that’s what an algorithm is, right?

So I think if I can get people to think one thing, it’s to think about being a market-maker.

Choosing a niche and taking control of it is how you should start & go on to dominate it.

Some company’s operating in niche-market


Drybar carved a niche in a hot market by providing affordable, high-quality blowouts — when a client’s hair is washed and blow-dried into a style without being cut or coloured.

Unlike traditional hair salons, Drybar is set up like a bar where you can watch a movie and relax while getting a blowout named after a cocktail.


Located in Newton, MA, Hopsters is a brewpub that offers make-your-own beer and bar bites.

Baby Destinations

Baby Destination is a trusted parenting community for pregnant and new moms. Got funded recently. 

There are thousands and thousands of niches out there today.

Like LGBT is a HUGE market today and some companies are only marketing to LGBT community, which is estimated to be 9 million people with nearly $800 billion in annual buying power.

For example, take OLIVIA or Purple Roof  2 travel companies crushing it big time by focusing on LGBT community.

and then something I was lookin for quite some time

Lefty’s San Francisco

Based in San Francisco, Lefty’s is a left-handed retail store that sells school supplies, kitchen goods, and gardening tools, and more for lefties. They even offer custom gift sets for the left-handers in your life.

Only 10% of the population is left-handed, making lefties a natural niche market.

Remember a month back Hindustan pencil won hearts of many by their reply to Sweta, mother of a 4.5 yr old daughter who as left handed faced problems. Now that’s powerful marketing, winning every left-hander & people around them the right way. 🙂

Decided on your niche and thinking of booking that domain for your business read your website URL sucks.



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