Facebook Manual Bidding – The Magic Bullet?

Manual Bidding – The Magic Bullet?

There has been a TON of talk about manual bidding (Specifically the Bully Method) the past few weeks. It has even consumed my calls with potential clients (YIKES). I just wanted to say a few things to keep in mind if you are someone with that MBid itch 

***Don’t get me wrong. Manual bidding is an extremely powerful tool when running Facebook ads when used correctly. However, I think some people may confuse what manual bidding is and I hope this post can help you grow…

(In this post MB means mannual bid with emphasis on Bully Method)
Manual Bidding is not…

[+] MB is not synonymous with sales:
When we create an ad, we are offering that ad up to Facebook as an entry into an Auction. The auction is for a placement (reach/impressions) in front of our targeted audiences. The bidding section for our ads manager (or power editor) is utilized in one of two possible ways.

1. Automatic Bidding: We are allowing Facebook to take our place at the Auction and bid any $$ they feel is right to win a placement. They will take into account your daily budget and attempt to pace themselves so that they (your ad) can stay as long as it can at the auction throughout the day and win placements. i.e Imagine your ad is in a room with 100 other ads. Let us say the first ad bids $2, the next ad bids $3, the next $4 etc…. eventually the bid comes to you at $10. In automatic bidding, you are telling Facebook to use their best judgment on whether or not to put the bid in and win that ad auction. If facebook bids $5 on the first opportunity and your budget is $10 then FB will slow down and bid a much smaller amount the next time around so that your ad can stay at the auction throughout the day.

Manual Bidding: You are now actively participating in the ad auction. To imagine this, picture in your head an auction room. You know those guys in the back of the room on the phone with their clients, letting them know what is for sale and asking them what they want to bid, then based off the answer on the other end of the phone they then make a bid to the auctioneer? Yeah, that’s you (the guy/girl on the other end of the phone). You are in the auction and you are telling the auctioneer (Facebook) exactly what you are willing to bid in order to win a placement.

** Let me be clear. Your high bid does not win a sale. You are bidding for placement. Yes, winning more placements drastically help your chances of a sale but the two are not synonymous.

[+] MB will not save a bad ad.


As discussed in the above section. The auction is for placement and placement only. Once you win an auction you then have the opportunity to be placed in front of your targeted audience. Once here… it’s up to you. Facebook cannot make someone click on your ad. They cannot make someone buy (or can they? Conspiracy Alert). With that said, a solid bidding strategy cannot make up for a poor offer. It cannot make up for poor copy. It cannot make up for poor creatives. I encourage you first start small <- subjective (unless you are totally okay with losing your ad budget) and narrow in on a winning AD, not just adset. Once you find a winning ad that connects with your audience, feel free to unleash the BEAST (MB) 

[+] MB will not save a bad funnel.

Now I am not a funnel guy, I’m just an Ads guy. However, I have seen clients and other entrepreneurs reach out to me and ask why they aren’t making $$$$ hand over fist yet. What do I see when I go look at their ads and funnel? , A confusing and uncertain landing page in which the message is different than the FB Ad, a funnel that feels out of sequence, and an overall a poor offer.

Your funnels should be a continuance of your FB ad and not “another level” in your sales process. In my experience a FB ad is only about 33% of the work, another 33% is the Funnel, and 34% Offer. Make sure that you are optimizing all aspects of your business and never depend on MB to save the day.

This got long but I hope this helps!

Got any questions on facebook marketing with targeting, ad copies, how many ads, adsets etc comment below, happy to answer.

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