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Comprehensive Digital Marketing news & updates at Rs.1/day only

Couple of months back when I started my newsletter for Rs. 1/ day some people laughed at it. Rs. 1 ? and I said yes but never explained them why ?


Here’s why if you still have the capability to think

In Sep 2016, Railways started insurance for all e-tickets optional at nominal price. Less than Rs 1 per ticket. Its a boon for many given recently we had 3 major accidents.

Now instead of getting into figures I want you to think and figure out few things

  1. How many trains commute everyday in India ?
  2. How many passengers travel everyday in this case with e-tickets ?
  3. Multiply that by 30 for a monthly revenue generated from insurance and further by 12 to get yearly figures.

To make your life easy “Indian railways sells passenger tickets worth $7.3Bn every yr & 60% of these are sold online”

Now with everyone, their dogs and their dictionaries being self-proclaimed digital marketers and many more wanting to join the bandwagon if you can get 10,000 people pay you everyday Rs. 1 that’s huge isn’t it?

It’s not easy. Nothing in life is! But quite achievable over next 12 months ? No ? I think that’s an achievable goal.

Finding 25 people daily who can pay you Rs1/day everyday. Some days it’s easy when doing a workshop for 200+ students somedays its lot of donkeys work. And you know where I am spending my time and energy these days apart from some unique programs like Instagram for photographers, Footfalls for restaurants & boutiques, Make money from affiliate marketing, Blog & VBlog and lets earn some money….will keep updating.

Yes it was a pin when I had only 2 / 3 people I still had to sit and work for hours to give value for Rs3 I earned but it’s much better now and growing fast…

Think and THINK BIG.

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