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How to deal with negative feedbacks and comments on social media? - The #ClickToCash Guy of Digital Marketing- Amar krishna Jha

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How to deal with negative feedbacks and comments on social media?

“At the moment they choose to complain, they are frustrated and looking to vent that frustration and be heard. When you appear as a person who cares enough to listen, they get most of what they are looking for. A connection to lead them out of their predicament. They may yell, curse, or scream, but mostly they want to tell their story to anyone who will listen.” 

Social media management is not a very easy task to perform as with large fan following some people respond negatively and ruthlessly but many times with virtuous grounds. You cannot keep everyone happy in this world and social media is the biggest platform for discontented clients. Since social media profiles are prime visage of your product or services, you need to take certain steps to maintain it without flaws. Which is, however, impossible as there always will be complaints and problems. Now it’s up to you to figure out how to handle the complaints and calmly deal with negative feedback. Here are some tips that will help you handle negative feedback and comments like a pro. Only 30% of customers share positive reviews on social media, yet 45% of customers share negative reviews on social media.  These are the ways you can turn the negative reviews into a positive experience.

Be Quick in Responding

Complaints and postings on social media are extremely time-sensitive. It is best to have alerts created and a dedicated personnel, to monitor your social channels for all customer feedback. 58% of customer service teams view managing social media inquiries as their top challenge. The longer a posting is out there, the more views and engagement it will have. The longer the complaints are out there without your response, the more negative the view becomes.

Not all complaints will be sent directly to your social media channels. Less than 3% of customers directly @mention brands on Twitter. Your customers are having conversations about you – monitor and search for people talking about your brand, but don’t expect all will come through your handle. Use social media search engines / tools for ORM like Social Searcher  , URVX , TalkWalkerAlerts

Respond immediately to show your concern and care for the customer. Failure to respond entirely leads to a 15% increase in the churn rate for existing customers. The faster you are able to connect with a customer who has left a negative response, the more likely you are to keep the customer. Quickly fix their problem and apologize.

How quickly should I respond ? Try to aim for responding within 15 minutes to make a good impression

orm quick response

Develop a procedure 

Your company’s social media management should be handled in an efficient manner with each comment and feedback managed by the precise individual from every department. First of all it’s important to identify whom you are responding to? is he a customers and not a spam trolling you. Own it up if you made a mistake.  With correct process of handling the feedback from the right person, you can get amazing results and the entire process will become very smooth. Try to tackle the problem efficiently by focusing on improvement, instead of handling only the complaint itself. Identify the problem and try to recuperate the situation positively.

“Every business is different. Every customer is different. And every reason for a bad review is different. Apply common sense, courtesy, and a genuine desire to help your customers to turn a conflict into a positive experience for everyone involved, and look good while doing it.”

Your primary goal needs to be addressing the problem that caused the complaint instead of the complaint itself.


Give proper response logically & Respond in the right frame of mind.

Although many people might tell you to respond to every negative feedback or comment, but it is advisable to ignore some circumstances which cannot be negotiated. You can respond to constructive and pressing feedback, but ignore spam and some of the disgruntled feedbacks. You could offer solutions to the problem or apologize or suggest that you will look after the concern in the future, but many times people are absolutely perverse and aggressive. In such cases, it’s better to keep out of the situation as trolling someone is different from negative feedbacks. Celebrities like Rishi Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have dealt with trolling like a pro and after giving apt replies, they shut the negative audience. Even Justin Bieber and Donald Trump are trolled on twitter, but they deal with all the negativeness and logically reply to every comment.


Be patient and Co-operative to bring about changes

When handling social media accounts for the promotion of your brands, you need to have great patience in managing all the negative feedbacks and comments. Any community manager is already experienced in the way a company works and is familiar with the content posted on the social media. However, readers and followers can easily criticize your content and you can effortlessly remove the negative feedbacks from your page, but it is crucial to interact in such situations as it might be an opportunity for your brand. You will gain additional respect of followers if you deal with the situation like a pro. In case of any type of complaints, whether irrational or genuine, apologize for the problem and propose a solution for that. Make the required changes and avoid further commotion and turmoil. Respond optimistically which will illustrate that you are concerned.


Provide opportunity to your followers also

When any negative comment or feedback is posted on the web page, usually other positive community responds to it and you can give them a chance to respond first. However, if your followers do not give desired reaction, then it’s time for you to take an action. If too much of time passes, then people think that you have something to hide because you are not responding. You can also contact the person privately to resolve the whole issue.

engage with followers


There is a certain time to hide the negative feedback    

As soon as negative feedback is posted on your webpage, you cannot judge about its consequences. If the communication begins to twist into turmoil then it’s better to personally message the person instead of discussing online. Try to resolve the issue by directly messaging the person privately to avoid bad situations. You can thank him for the feedback and promise to improve the situation by working on it. I personally don’t believe in deleting negative feedback’s on web. It says you are human if you have dealt with it correctly.

There is one case when you can remove a comment and feel good about it: when you’re 200% sure you’ve got a comment from a troll. If someone abuses you or writes irrational things about your brand, delete it!


Don’t let the situation hurt you personally

When you own a social media platform, you should be ready for everything, as people can be rude and troll you for whatever thing. We can see celebrities’ trolled everyday for extremely minute matters by numerous populaces, but they understand how to deal with the whole lot. You must handle the circumstances with utmost patience and attend to the negative comments calmly. Make sure to express regret and assure to improve in the future and don’t take it all to your heart. Stay strong in all situations.


Hopefully, your swift response and personal touch will encourage the customer to speak positively about your company on social media, which will generate more leads and even convert these customers into brand loyalists because of your stellar customer service.

funny social media response

have a great Complaints-to-Compliments journey!

Create alerts and stay updated with what is being talked about you or your brand by following these tips 

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