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Find your niche to work with high-margin, super-happy clients, and build a tribe of loyal, raving fans for your business.

My best friend said: “The Digital Marketing Audit”  is so uncrowded it’s almost lonely!” Now being lonely in personal life sucks but in professional life, it’s a dream come true.  Essentially, a niche is the industry you will be in and the types of products you will sell; it’s what you specialize in. For example, Whole Foods Whole Foods goes beyond groceries to reach nutritionally aware consumers who will likely…

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Your website url sucks

Your website url sucks! It sucks your money, your time, your attention and your energy. It is not about the advanced stuff like UX/UI, content, SEO, creative banners or videos. It sucks because it’s not about your visitors, it’s about YOU. This is truer for personal websites people are making. It starts from the url. A website like [your-name].com SCREAMS -“ME”, don’t get into that trap. I get it, you are trying…

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direct response is better than branding

Branding doesn’t work for most businesses. This is what works

Branding only works for cash RICH businesses.   It’s not the right thing if you are a small or mid-size business.   Branding needs constant ad budgets.   It means waiting for months with no guarantee people will buy from you. People will often mail postcards, run ads, and manage campaigns that are just designed to get some visibility for their name.   It sure gets you visibility but sales?…

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I called. You didn’t answer. Please open this quickly.

Hey, the idea of using this headline was ONLY & ONLY to get your attention. I know you probably get a lot of links from your fans on social media every day, but I thought I would chip in as I’d really love to give you few great tips on the subject line of your emails. And now that I have your attention let me quickly give you the best…

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why people dont buy

Why people are not buying and what should marketers do to turn clicks to cash

People don’t buy primarily for 3 reasons They don’t trust you They don’t trust themselves They think they have lot of time Solutions for marketers How to use narratives to create a desire for transaction ( solution to people don’t trust you) Ex 1. How Dean Graziosi, world-class speaker & author uses stories to sell his book ( watch first 5 seconds to understand how he attracts attention- 80% people…

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Haidilao marketing success

The One Simple Trick That HaiDiLao Uses To Fool Their Customers To Build A Raving Fan Crowd And A MultiMillion Dollar Empire

The One Simple Trick That HaiDiLao Uses To Fool Their Customers To Build A Raving Fan Crowd And A MultiMillion Dollar Empire (This is going be a long one…5-7mins reading time, but will definitely be worth your while) Before I let you know what this trick is all about. First, you must know what is HaiDiLao… For those who don’t know its a famous hotpot franchise with over 300 outlets…

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social media fans

The Most Costly Mistake in Social Media Marketing. Are You Making it?

Most conversations out there about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email lists are all about getting more – more followers, more likes, more group members, more subscribers. I get it and I’ve totally been there before. I’ve wasted time thinking I didn’t have enough when it came to followers, likes, and subscribers to make an impact. And I was WRONG. Through working with hundreds of clients and building few brands…

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Using facebook pixel? delay default firing of 3 seconds & increase 10X ROI

Yesterday in my whatsapp newsletter along with free tool to Make messenger bot, exhaustive guide on mobile website design (guide in association with google), a fantastic book on storytelling I also shared a very valuable tip on Facebook marketing.   If you have ever done FB marketing you know about Facebook pixels and I guess the code is already in your website header somewhere.   Problem : default pixel fires…

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