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books for marketers, entrepreneurs & doers

Must read books for marketers, entrepreneurs & creators

I have been reading for quite some time and by now I am sure I can make a list of amazing books that can add value whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur or a creator.  If you think I have missed any book that deserves a mention here please drop it in comments section General Startups  The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz Venture Deals by Brad Feld…

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Learnings from Toys R Us???

How not to play the game: Step 1 – Own all the toys Step 2 – If you can’t, sue Step 3 – Take your toys and go home Step 4 – Go bankrupt This week Toys R Us went bankrupt. It would be easy to see it as just another casualty of the decline of retail. But that would miss the true story… Remember the story of Kodak inventing…

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digital marketing insights 2017

Interesting & Actionable Digital Marketing Consumer Insights you can use for Strategy

At the core of every thing planners do in a Digital Marketing agency is INSIGHTS But do not confuse observations with insights. There’s difference between observation & insight. Observations record what people do or say. INSIGHTS answer the question WHY? Some examples of insights are A great insight is like a refrigerator the moment you open it and look inside a light comes on One great insight is worth a 1000…

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How to deal with negative feedbacks and comments on social media?

“At the moment they choose to complain, they are frustrated and looking to vent that frustration and be heard. When you appear as a person who cares enough to listen, they get most of what they are looking for. A connection to lead them out of their predicament. They may yell, curse, or scream, but mostly they want to tell their story to anyone who will listen.”  Social media management…

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lead gen using fb

How I am generating leads for my “instagram for photographers” workshop

I am going to conduct a workshop for photographers “Instagram for workshop” on 10th at Durgapur, a small steel city in West Bengal. Workshop will cover following things Track competitors and hack their audience How to use stories and instagram direct How to use instagram as your quick portfolio with themes & grids Sell your photos let you passion help you pay bills Using proper hashtags & trends to reach…

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Think big

Comprehensive Digital Marketing news & updates at Rs.1/day only

Couple of months back when I started my newsletter for Rs. 1/ day some people laughed at it. Rs. 1 ? and I said yes but never explained them why ?   Here’s why if you still have the capability to think In Sep 2016, Railways started insurance for all e-tickets optional at nominal price. Less than Rs 1 per ticket. Its a boon for many given recently we had…

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video marketing

Leveraging Video for Brand Building and video marketing statistics

Leveraging Video for Brand Building & Sales To perform well in the digital world, brands need strong content. This content can come in various forms, but video’s dominance is painting an interesting picture.  It’s insatiable demand of videos that’s keeping marketers all over world busy for last 2 years. Almost every company is leveraging video ads to build their brand uniquely and get sales. 50% of the total online traffic…

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Whatsapp marketing

Digital Marketing News this week with tool to make chat bot, book & app recommendation

Digital Marketing News this week with tool to make chat bot, book & app recommendation. WhatsApp me at 9163233906 to receive these on whatsapp/email every week. Click to chat on WhatsApp. For daily updates with more features at Rs1/day subscribe here 100 days package  Please absorb these news in silence unless you are smarter than elephants [Elephants are exceptionally smart creatures. They have the largest brain of any land animal,…

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how analytics can be used in the retail industry to effectively market to individual customers. 

Data is not information & Information is not insight.  Insights take time. Sometimes an year or more. I share this ( and few more based on what they will relate best to retail, politics, video games, entertainment) story with my audience.  how analytics can be used in the retail industry to effectively market to individual customers.  In 2012, word was out that Target had created an algorithm that could predict…

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FREE SEO guide and analysis

Couple of years back in early 2015 I worked on a US based site SEO. It was a brand new website designed by us but at the time of designing client just wanted a website no SEO and accordingly we designed one. Why do extra work and make it SEO friendly and all ? No PAY, NO PLAY After a month he wanted to get some traction and decided…

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