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Will AI cannibalize the Outsourcing Industry? Outsourcing 2.0

Outsourcing is a fantastic way for small medium enterprises to allocate data to the trusted outsourcing partners and get it sorted out quickly and with lower overall costs than insourcing. However, there has been a recent development in the industry where it was predicted that with further enhancements in technologies, especially in regard with in-depth learning and AI, the need for outsourcing will see a steady decline, especially with big…

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Facebook Ads Frequency Cap-

9 tips for understanding facebook ads frequency cap

How much do you know about Facebook ads frequency cap? How many times can your add be shown to a user? What is a good frequency for facebook ads? What are the facebook ad frequency best practices? Does it matter if you split platforms in your targeting? How to set frequency in facebook ads? Now the reason so many questions thrown around ‘frequency’ is because it’s known as the SILENT…

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Monetizing results

Whenever you start a new business venture… a big part of its success is to build a community around it. Especially when you’re in the lifestyle or wellbeing niches. For most people, the tendency is to immediately start thinking about, “How do I monetize all this?” But here’s the thing: You can’t monetize something that doesn’t produce real, concrete results for people yet. Instead, what you should be asking yourself…

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Best SEO monitoring tools you must use in 2018

SEO Monitoring Tools for 2018 I keep getting this question a lot, which are the Best SEO monitoring tools that I should use? Some of my good friends do everything manually when it comes to SEO and they are few of the best SEO people I know. But manually you are limited. SEO monitoring Tools help you get so much more quickly so I decided to share some of the…

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keyword research mistakes

Keyword Research Mistakes that can Ruin Your SEO to Oblivion

As a marketer, you have to come up with profitable keyword opportunities before you execute any of your marketing campaigns. It doesn’t even matter if you’re preparing for SEO, PPC, or a full-on content marketing. To make sure your efforts lead to profitable results, you need a refined list of target keywords that strike the balance between keyword demand, competitiveness, and user intent. That’s pretty much keyword research in a…

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How is your BRAND coming across?

WHY POSTING ON FACEBOOK GROUPS WAS GETTING ME NOWHERE UNTIL I GOT THIS RIGHT I took my digital audit business online over a year ago and started posting all over Facebook groups. All coaches said that it was a gold mine for getting new leads and clients, so I took his word for it. I posted weekly and did my best to give value and put a ton of effort…

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manual bidding in facebook

Facebook Manual Bidding – The Magic Bullet?

Manual Bidding – The Magic Bullet? There has been a TON of talk about manual bidding (Specifically the Bully Method) the past few weeks. It has even consumed my calls with potential clients (YIKES). I just wanted to say a few things to keep in mind if you are someone with that MBid itch ***Don’t get me wrong. Manual bidding is an extremely powerful tool when running Facebook ads when…

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Social media prospecting tip

I have noticed most digital marketers trying to find popular FB groups on DM. It’s true even for blogs. DM blogs are consumed mostly by DM guys. But this is what you need to do if you are looking to find your prospects on social media 1️⃣ Find groups of people that fit your ideal client. Helps if you have a niche & you must have it in today’s time…

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why email open rates dont matter

Email “open rates” are more unreliable than Apple maps

I happened to visit one of my old e-comm clients and the manager in charge of digital bragged about high open rates on their emails. Maybe he wanted to score good in front of the owner, maybe he has been taught “open rates” are one of the important metrics for email. So I asked, then why do you need me for fixing your email campaigns? He replied we aren’t getting people buy…

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free digital marketing courses with certificates

FREE digital marketing resources & courses for learning

Digital marketing certificates one should own as a marketer Google AdWords search advertising certification   The focus here is on creating and optimizing search ad campaigns across the search network (primarily search engine). It involves using tools like Keyword tools, targeting tools, bidding and budgeting tools.   Display advertising certification Display ads are the building blocks to meet initial branding goals. This covers how to reach different types of audience…

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