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how to track emails

How to track emails – free tools

99% eh make that 99.9% of people I meet get excited to know that they can actually track whether the recipient has read their mail. Maybe I only meet people from other side but then this number is big enough to make me write about it. I will not get into benefits that tracking (There are atons of great reasons to use email tracking services) brings on the table like…

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Amar Krishna Jha- St Joseph Jakhama Digital marketing workshop

The Academia and Industry Gap is widening in Marketing

I am working on lead generation campaign for many educational institutes for past 3 years but it only struck me now how the gap between academia and industry in marketing is widening. And while everyone talks about the rapid pace in Digital Marketing we forget that the gap is also widening at the same pace. Once you start thinking about it, I find it quite amusing that most of these…

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google grants for non profits

Google AdGrants, Free $10,000/ month for marketing your NGO

Since the day I came to Know about generous offer by Google through Google Grants to support NGO’s across the world, I have been advising / telling everyone I know about it. I mean come on let us accept $10,000 ( more than INR 6,00,000) every month for FREE to market your organization is just awesome. Ofcourse, it’s challenging to get one and then to maintain and utilise it properly…

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How to make money from your smartphone pictures

Images as content is growing and so much so that there are many popular apps like instagram, Pinterest, Sanpchat exclusively for sharing images apart from regular Facebook & twitter. So if you are someone who loves clicking and sharing pictures to maintain your instagram account and also want to monetise them, Foap is a good *marketplace* for stock pictures. Head to their free app on Google Play & iTunes if…

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PLA’s by e-commerce players for mobile commerce

  Got this mail from Flipkart today. Flipkart (and almost all major E-comm players) is coming up with a new function called “Product Listing Ads” as part of their Mobile commerce strategy for Sellers. I think flipkart has some PLA’s live also. And to serve their clients better they are pooling in Agencies who will be given a list of sellers from their cities to work on so flipkart is…

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how to make GIF from videos and best gif resources

Update:- Imgur the popular image site has come out with a video to gif tool to convert videos quickly into gif Vimeo is popular but chances are the video you want to turn into GIF is on YouTube. Don’t worry, no need to download third-party apps or digging around for an online converter. Here’s a trick you are going to thank heavens for being so simple & easy: just add “GIF”…

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Why you should always clear browser cookies

In this post you will learn “Why you should always clear browser cookies” before shopping/booking online as prices go up on sites (especially travel sites) if you are a return user (visit multiple times). Also How apple users are steered towards costlier products online. Apple is #iLoot (term coined by friend @Vibhuism) What can one do to secure there digital tracking on multiple sites one visits How can one limit…

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Search Engines not showing correct page title for my site

If your title does not contain your brand name or other key terms in the users’ search query (or doesn’t include them at the start of the title element which is very important), so Google is using text from elsewhere on the page. Search engines thinks & rightly so that Users scan for and assign higher relevance to Titles that include their query.Search Engines wants to match the Title of…

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