best seo monitoring tools in 2019

Best SEO monitoring tools you must use in 2019

SEO Monitoring Tools for 2019

I keep getting this question a lot, which are the Best SEO monitoring tools that I should use?

Some of my good friends do everything manually when it comes to SEO and they are few of the best SEO people I know.

But manually you are limited. SEO monitoring Tools help you get so much more quickly so I decided to share some of the best SEO monitoring tools you should work with in 2018.

Top 10 SEO Monitoring tools – Good elaborate reporting beyond Google Analytics. – YouTube SEO. You can also use this browser extension for Video Syndication.

Keywords Everywhere – Free Keyword Tool to view search volume, cpc at 15+ websites like Google Analytics, UberSuggest, Moz, Majestic, Amazon & more. Completely Free so no reason not to have it. – Rightly called Swiss Knife of SEO. Does Tons of jobs. Must have tool in my opinion for any business. This is a gem. You can find clients from any location pitch them your services. Indeed a great outreach tool. You can’t keep googling sites and make list what are they missing, want to sell SMM services… ScopeLead does it all for you. This is one of my fav for giving huge boost in terms of link building. Love the trigger section which automates this process every time you create a new post or video. Shows metrics based on site. Link indexing at your fingertips. Helps you outrank your competitor. The MOST AMAZING tool out there. Can pretty much do everything all above tools can do together.

I will try to do a detail post with Video’s if possible in next week for few of these tools with my fav features if I get 3 comments as “YES please”.

[Video : Top 10 SEO monitoring tool you must use in 2018]

Let me know in comments if I have missed any important SEO monitoring tool that is helping you in crushing Google rankings.


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