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Award winning digital marketing consultant - Amar Krishna Jha

About Me

Digital Marketing Consultant, Trainer & Growth Hacking Expert

Professional Life

Digital Marketing trainer for IIM, Kolkata, IIT Kharagpur, Manipal Pro Learn, IDM

Ex CMO & Product Head – Agrud, content curation through AI, NLP & NLG ( since Aug 2016)


I’m currently working as Digital Marketing Consultant with brands and businesses across all industries.

( IMP – Not to brag but marketer in me can not miss the opportunity to tell you that I was lucky enough to be offered the chance of helping Google set-up AdWords certification questions in June 2015, and it was really funny renewing my certificate at the end of 2015, looking at familiar questions)

I have also won several other awards and was nominated for Rastriya Udyog Ratna Award by Govt of India in yr 2011.

I also help businesses and marketers learn and use digital marketing to achieve business goals such as raise brand awareness, increase search engine visibility, increase lead generation or strategies for growth hacking.

I also help marketers understand their website data using Google Analytics and then help them enhance their website and external tactics to improve overall marketing performance.

Offlate, I am enjoying taking workshops for corporates, experienced marketing  professionals & senior level professionals interested in exploring the domain of Digital marketing.

My Strategies are not based on peripheral knowledge and basic understanding of your category rather I dig deep into your brands market realities and issues before making ANY strong strategy recommendations given my branding background (and an award winning one).

Let’s connect to understand how you can leverage and embrace Digital Media and Integrate your communication to not only dish out information but engage with your target audience at times real-time.

Previous Experience

My prior stints before taking Entrepreneur route was as an ERP ( SAP ) Sales & Logistics consultant employed with Wipro serving different industry vertical giants.

I was also responsible for helping a financial institution start & spread it’s retail business in Mumbai and other markets. Prior to enrolling for a full-time MBA program I was working as Sr. Soft Engineer writing codes for Bhutan telecom and other clients for 2+ yrs after finishing my B.E in Computer Science in 2001.

I’m also a regular speaker at industry events organised by

IIM Kolkata

IIT Kharagpur

Manipal Global Education


Who am I? (When not working)

  • A phonoholic whose only exercise is a 2 minutes run to the gym door.
  • A technocrat who coins taglines.
  • A foodie who plays the harmonica.
  • A compulsive movie goer who creates digital strategies.
  • An internet addict who sings non-stop for 22 hours.
  • A management pagla who clicks the same pics from 5 different cameras.
  • A famous bathroom singer who buys all the latest publications.
  • A B-school postgrad who’s not written a book.
  • A computer engineer who plays TT in the middle of the night.
  • Addicted to biking on my MTB. Have biked for 7:30 hrs since 4:30am till …(you do the simple maths) and the list goes on …


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