Here are a few things I’m extremely good at with 12+ yrs of experience:

Can help you establish preeminent positioning & marketing strategy around it.

Can help you generate tons of leads.

Can critique your current marketing strategy & sales funnel.

Can audit your digital properties & benchmark with competitors Or industry leaders.

Can help you get the best out of your digital agency.

Can teach your employees & students how to do modern marketing.

What I cannot do for you:

To save everyone some time, I’ll openly admit I’m not the person for the following gigs:

Products that have generated under INR 10 lac in sales in the last 12 months. (Unless you have niche product or service ), so no Travel Startup or fashion blogger.

Current startups niche I am helping

Online e-comm portal for organic food ingredients & recipes

1 app for all insurance products you have 

I do know a wide range of digital marketers, and some of them might be more suited for this job than I am.

Please email me at hi@amarkrishnajha.com if you would like a specific recommendation.

Big brands use my name as a keyword for running their ads so somebody who is searching for me i.e. “Amar Krishna Jha” on Google gets to see their ads on digital marketing course and probably will get them a lead too.

Now I call that as really smart marketing and it follows 1 of my 3 principles for targeting right audience “ See who they follow” so yes I have started to feel as I am becoming a big deal 😉

At Least that’s what Timespro ( Education u0026amp; Training wing of TOI)  proved by running their digital marketing course ads on my name

google ads on amar krishna jha by timespro

Testimonials about my work:

I can sit here all day and brag about my work, but it’s easier to just let others do the job for me!

Below are examples of people liking my skills. I have requested some more but I guess I should have hold a gun in my hand … But before that watch this video testimonial on how Ankit, a facebook marketer made 10L sales in 2 days using my 3F facebook targeting strategy

and some more …


If You Are Still Thinking Is This Guy Worth My Time And Attention? For Many Readers, My Answer Is NO.

Here’s Why

If You Are Looking For A Short-Cut To Enter Digital Marketing Industry I WON’T Help 

It’s Lot Of Hard Work u0026amp; Experience. If You Are Not Committed To Long-Term Goal And Instead Want To Make Some Quick Buck (Which Is Possible Only After You Have Put In Time u0026amp; Effort) I Am Not Your Guy. You Can’t Learn Just The Mediums Like Facebook, Instagram, SEO, PPC And Become Successful. You Need To Understand Marketing. You Need To Practice Stuff That You Are Advised To u0026amp; Not Believe Everything Self Proclaimed Experts Say.


If You Do Not Have Willingness & Budget To Advertise You WON’T BENEFIT From Me : If You Have Already Downloaded Free Articles Like “37 FREE Ways To Get 10000 Traffic”, “Get 7000 Followers In 21 Days” And Tried Working On It, I Can Bet You Failed Miserably. 99% Articles Are Not Actionable. I Am Not Saying Organic Traffic Is Dead But When You Combine It With Advertisements You Get To See The Real Result. Results For Which Probably You Decided To Go Digital.


I Can NOT Help You Get Rich Quickly I Don’t Know How It Happened But A Lot Of People Think Digital Marketing Is Quick ( Like Quicker Than Pizza Delivery Of 30 Mins). I Get It And To Confess I’ve Totally Been There Before. I’ve Wasted Time Thinking Probably I Didn’t Have Enough When It Came To Traffic, Followers, Likes, And Subscribers To Make An Impact. And I Was WRONG. It’s Lot Of Hard Work, Experiments, Unlearning, Perseverance, Frustrations & Failures That Will Give You A Constant Revenue On Auto Pilot. And It Will Always Take Constant Work To Keep It All Running. So If You Want To Skip The Hard Work u0026amp; Are Not Committed For Long Term I Am Not Your Guy.


If You Are Still On This Let Me Tell You Now What You Can Expect From Me Marketing Is About 3 Things

  1. Your Product / Service/ Idea – I May Have Some Biases But If You Are Passionate About Your Business I Will Definitely Assist You Sell More Be It A Book, Seminar, FinTech Product, Crypto-Currency Startup, Digital Marketing Agency Or For That Matter You ( Personal Branding).
  2. Message ( Copy-Writing / Positioning) – I Focus On Your Positioning – Which Is Really A Fancy Way Of Saying, “Getting People To Like You Before You Try To Sell Them Something.” One Principle That Can Help You Craft Your Message Better Is ” Read Your Marketing Message To The Guys Sitting Next To You…If They Really Like It, You Lost, If They Ask How They Can Buy One, You Won! u0026amp; Remember It’s Not Easy But You Are Just One Great Sales Pitch Away From Your Business Exploding!
  3. Using Right Medium ( Digital Is Just Another Medium) – The Number One Thing I Harp On “Find A Starving Crowd” Or “Right Targeting”.  Getting This One Thing Wrong Makes Everything Else Much Harder To Accomplish. Digital That Way Is The Most Effective Medium.

Your Turn. Take Some Time Out And Write An Email. Id Is Right At The Top Or You Can Use Contact Page And Let Me Know About You. Let’s Start With What Brought You Here – What Exactly Are You Looking For In Digital Marketing?

Coaching / Speaking At Events

Digital Marketing Trainer For

IIM, Kolkata,

IIT Kharagpur,

Manipal Pro Learn,



( Currently In Talks With Some International Institutes In South East Asia For Digital Marketing Workshops)

IMP – Not To Brag But Marketer In Me Can Not Miss The Opportunity To Tell You That I Was Lucky Enough To Be Offered The Chance Of Helping Google Set-Up Adwords Certification Questions In June 2015, And It Was Really Funny Renewing My Certificate At The End Of 2015, Looking At Familiar Questions).

I Have Also Won Several Awards And Was Nominated For Rastriya Udyog Ratna Award By Govt Of India In Yr 2011.

Offlate, I Am Enjoying Taking Workshops For Corporates, Experienced Marketing  Professionals u0026amp; Senior Level Professionals Interested In Exploring The Domain Of Digital Marketing.


Let’s Connect To Understand How You Can Leverage And Embrace Digital Media And Integrate Your Communication To Not Only Dish Out Information But Engage With Your Target Audience At Times Real-Time. I’m Also A Regular Speaker At Industry Events Organised By IIM Kolkata IIT Kharagpur Manipal Global Education MakeIntern IDM B-Schools u0026amp; Engineering Colleges.

— At Sri Sri University (@SriSriU) November 12, 2017

Read Sri Sri University Blog – https://srisriuniversity.blogspot.com/2017/11/concourse2017-experience-by-amar.html