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May 2018 - The #ClickToCash Guy of Digital Marketing- Amar krishna Jha

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Monetizing results

Whenever you start a new business venture… a big part of its success is to build a community around it. Especially when you’re in the lifestyle or wellbeing niches. For most people, the tendency is to immediately start thinking about, “How do I monetize all this?” But here’s the thing: You can’t monetize something that doesn’t produce real, concrete results for people yet. Instead, what you should be asking yourself…

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How to sell value over price effectively

One thing I learned the hard way… PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS HAVE MONEY FOR SOMETHING THEY ACTUALLY WANT! If the prospect has a problem with the price, It’s because you failed to make him realize the value of it. He didn’t feel any sort of urgency in doing the transaction with you. (However, some people are just plain pain in the ass and you can’t close everyone so brush it off…

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How to operate in a competition free market

Let me ask you something… How would you like it if you had virtually no competition in your niche? If you had the monopoly? Imagine it: You’re the only electrician in Mumbai. Or, you’re the only real estate agent in Delhi…or… the only digital marketing agency in Kolkata… How great would that be? I mean, literally, your phone would never stop ringing, right? Now, the interesting thing is… when it…

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