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January 2018 - The #ClickToCash Guy of Digital Marketing- Amar krishna Jha

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Social media prospecting tip

I have noticed most digital marketers trying to find popular FB groups on DM. It’s true even for blogs. DM blogs are consumed mostly by DM guys. But this is what you need to do if you are looking to find your prospects on social media 1️⃣ Find groups of people that fit your ideal client. Helps if you have a niche & you must have it in today’s time…

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why email open rates dont matter

Email “open rates” are more unreliable than Apple maps

I happened to visit one of my old e-comm clients and the manager in charge of digital bragged about high open rates on their emails. Maybe he wanted to score good in front of the owner, maybe he has been taught “open rates” are one of the important metrics for email. So I asked, then why do you need me for fixing your email campaigns? He replied we aren’t getting people buy…

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free digital marketing courses with certificates

FREE digital marketing resources & courses for learning

Digital marketing certificates one should own as a marketer Google AdWords search advertising certification   The focus here is on creating and optimizing search ad campaigns across the search network (primarily search engine). It involves using tools like Keyword tools, targeting tools, bidding and budgeting tools.   Display advertising certification Display ads are the building blocks to meet initial branding goals. This covers how to reach different types of audience…

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Find your niche to work with high-margin, super-happy clients, and build a tribe of loyal, raving fans for your business.

My best friend said: “The Digital Marketing Audit”  is so uncrowded it’s almost lonely!” Now being lonely in personal life sucks but in professional life, it’s a dream come true.  Essentially, a niche is the industry you will be in and the types of products you will sell; it’s what you specialize in. For example, Whole Foods Whole Foods goes beyond groceries to reach nutritionally aware consumers who will likely…

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Your website url sucks

Your website url sucks! It sucks your money, your time, your attention and your energy. It is not about the advanced stuff like UX/UI, content, SEO, creative banners or videos. It sucks because it’s not about your visitors, it’s about YOU. This is truer for personal websites people are making. It starts from the url. A website like [your-name].com SCREAMS -“ME”, don’t get into that trap. I get it, you are trying…

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direct response is better than branding

Branding doesn’t work for most businesses. This is what works

Branding only works for cash RICH businesses.   It’s not the right thing if you are a small or mid-size business.   Branding needs constant ad budgets.   It means waiting for months with no guarantee people will buy from you. People will often mail postcards, run ads, and manage campaigns that are just designed to get some visibility for their name.   It sure gets you visibility but sales?…

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