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identify image theft using reverse image search techniques

Track if someone is using your photographs without your permission

Since the early days of Internet image theft is more rampant than teenagers falling in love. The fact that doing so is so easy that many aren’t even aware that it’s a theft and one is not suppose to use images without the consent of owner. Now while there is no way we can stop this even with disabling right click on images, adding a copyright text, watermarking image or…

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How a free tool like “Goolge Alerts” helps me personally & professionally

Now first thing first, I am great fan of “Google Alerts” for more than a decade now. Google started “Google Alerts” services on 6th Aug 2003 and is probably one the best FREE tools available to mankind and marketers who want to stay updated with topics, trends, competitors, jobs …possibilities are unlimited. For ones who are not familiar with “Google Alerts” ¬†all it does is, it¬†monitors the Web for words…

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