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kolkata, West Bengal
Digital Marketing Consultant & Trainer, India- Amar Krishna Jha


Don’t let the Digital word complexity (biggest marketing obstacle) grow. I help you understand the complexity and its impact, suggest best simplified methods to achieve your goals. Apply the best of what you learn—and avoid the land mines I point out—to transform your own business and organization.

Consultancy Services


What would one do without Analytics? Data driven marketing is the only way you can propel value for your customers/prospects. I help you draw meaningful insights from your data, going beyond what is obvious. Track every buck spent on your digital marketing and put it back on wheels that are rolling fast.

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Individual/Group (in case of corporates) training sessions around digital strategy and getting the most out of your website and analytics platform. It gives marketers a complete overview the digital marketing landscape and is personalized for your objective. Find out more about my training sessions.

Training Services

Small Agencies

Whether you’re planning on building a new website or developing a new campaign, I can help your team deliver a successful website or digital campaign based on its objective and help you achieve your goals and generate revenues through online internet marketing. Find out how

Project Management

My List of Must Read Marketing & Business Books

A collection of marketing & business books & e-books which I have read and highly recommend all budding marketers read too and become better at their craft.

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Ultimate Marketers Resource

A collection of useful resources for marketers including Twitter handles of editors and journalists from the leading industry publications, links to must read blogs, videos and webinars to help improve your digital marketing knowledge,

Useful Resources

Key Learnings

Commonsense is key

Think Like your customer does

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